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Hope you enjoyed this video! Please subscribe, like and comment for more videos ! 😀 P.S If you do want to stay touch then follow me on Instagram – savihamal… Cursos De Maquillaje Profesional – Gana 50% Por Cada Venta Realizada Cursos Con Alta Conversión Y Porcentaje De Devolución Casi Nulo. Quien Se Convierte […]

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  • HeyGorgeousxxx 2 years ago

    Love this! Such a pretty Valentines day look on you Savi 🙂 xx

  • adshaya eben 2 years ago

    Nice work Sav!! :*

  • Rebecca Henson 2 years ago

    Happy Valentine’s day!! Love ur video! 

  • Swechha Bimali 2 years ago

    Which shade do u use in double wear???

  • Savi Hamal 2 years ago
  • mitchell boyd 2 years ago

    great vid :)

  • Stella Marie 2 years ago

    love this makeup Savi !

  • Diya Lamsal 2 years ago
  • Reena Shakya 2 years ago

    gud one nanu

  • Mean Jean Makeup 2 years ago

    Holy Stila! I want all of the magnificent metals now. did you like the
    glamoflauge concealer? I’ve heard very mixed reviews and I’m not sure to
    check it out.

  • Heather Abate 2 years ago

    Your beautiful!!! And this look looks amazing on you!

  • Katherine Jane 2 years ago

    Great look! Let me know if you want to do a collaboration video or a makeup

  • missalyssa977 2 years ago

    Great video! I have a channel too! If you subscribe to my channel I will
    definitely subscribe to yours!

  • beautywithhannahmae 2 years ago

    i LOVE LOVE this!!! I have been wanting to get the still shadows!!! Its
    hard to spend that much on one but holy gorgeous!!!!!!!

  • Christine G.♚ 2 years ago

    I love your makeup!

  • kgar15 2 years ago

    i love this !

  • LittleMissTiff 2 years ago

    Gorgeous look for Valentine’s Day <3 

  • Azul Farponne 2 years ago

    omg I’m doing this

  • Monica Jarrell 2 years ago

    LOVE IT!!! #biggestfan

  • Kitty Cat 2 years ago

    I can finally find my Valentine!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • OpenOther 2 years ago

    I’m a guy so I don’t wear any make up and Until now I have NEVER ever hit a
    like button on any tutorial about it. I was clicking links of about how to
    get views on YouTube and somehow I got here! That’s quite impressive

  • Mukkta Karandikar 2 years ago

    Goshhh u r gorgeous 🙂 N definately d shadowz rock :* Also i jus subbed to
    ur channel n wud appreciate if u can sub back n support… Loads of luck

  • beautyby tlc 2 years ago

    Nice Job Love It !!!!!!!!!

  • MissScr3m0 the Manga 2 years ago

    Yaay! You use Hard Candy cosmetics too c: I adored this makeup, and I MUST
    have that metallic rose shade! *.* It’s too awesome! 

  • MakeupBy Ana 2 years ago

    Hi, I make videos too! Please stop by my channel and check out my videos, i
    would appreciate it. Thank you :)

  • JustAlicia 2 years ago

    Beautiful makeup! Loving those eyes wow!!
    I subscribed for sure and hopefully you can subscribe back as well! <3

  • Beauty ByAP 2 years ago

    Hey we absolutely loved your video! We subbed to you! We are new to youtube
    and hopefully maybe you can check out our channel and sub back!!