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Makeup For Party



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  • Coral TV 2 years ago

    These are great tips!! We’ve never heard the one about pressing powder into
    the skin to minimize pores!! Thanks so much.

  • Ms Lovely Nkauj 2 years ago

    Can you do a hair tutorial on your hair style in this video? You’re so

  • Jenni A 2 years ago

    do a tutorial how to do that winged eyeliner for hooded eyes? :)

  • Studio Knit 2 years ago

    Going to pick-up some nude eyeliner immediately! Great idea to brighten
    the eyes! Love all your makeup tips for 2015. Happy New Year, +Nikkia Joy

  • Jennifer McDonnell 2 years ago

    Thanks for such great advice! Definitely going to get a nude eyeliner and
    try out the pressed powder trick!

  • Nikkia Joy 2 years ago

    Quick makeup tips that will make a huge difference to your makeup routine!

  • Sara Daher 2 years ago

    one thing i have been doing lately is spraying mac fix+ on my already damp
    beauty blender and pressing that to my skin when I am completely done with
    my foundation, bronzing, blush app, and highlight. so instead of spraying
    my face with the fix+ i just press it in to the skin. it looks beautiful
    and takes less product and less time to dry.

  • Lauren Hefez 2 years ago

    This was great! Lets say I want to use a neutral lip color or a light pink,
    what color liner would you use?

  • Weelicious 2 years ago

    Thank you for these tips! I’m always looking for ways to ease my makeup
    routine! 😉 

  • zuher alaa 2 years ago

    Please make a tutorial for the eyemakeup you are wearing it is so beautiful

  • Christen Lehmann 2 years ago

    These are such great tips, Nikkia! I really like your blush tip. Who
    doesn’t want a summer glow? 🙂 

  • Lauren Fairweather 2 years ago

    These tips are great! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    I posted my KIN New Year, New You video earlier today! I’m excited to be
    joining you guys on this playlist. :)

  • Shaina Kennedy 2 years ago

    +Nikkia Joy I’ve just stumbled across your channel through finding your
    instagram, you seem lovely! Looking forward to watching some more of your
    videos 🙂 xx

  • Jeanette De La Hoya 2 years ago

    Thank you for these tips! Where did u get your earrings I love them?!

  • Catherine Yeung 2 years ago

    Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Elle Is For Living 2 years ago

    Great tips. I never put my blushes on my apples either. ♥ Elle

  • DramaticMac 2 years ago

    Fab tips sweetie you are flawless in this video xx

  • Bec Campbell 2 years ago

    These tips are fantastic. I have small eyes and struggle trying to make
    them appear bigger so thank you! Can you please do more of these tips
    videos in the future? And possibly include a tip on how to blur out under
    eye bags/puffiness. I have searched YouTube for a video on this. I did come
    across one by Wayne Goss which was helpful but it would be good to be see
    if you have any further tips. Keep up the fantastic work xx 

  • ❤Rebelle & Glam❤ 2 years ago

    Okkkkk…this look is Awsome!!!!
    Tutoriiiaaalll pleeeaaase :-))
    And thanks for the tips ;-)

  • Haylee Lorton 2 years ago


  • savannahandstuff 2 years ago

    Love your makeup in this video! 

  • What's Gaby Cooking 2 years ago

    Loving these simple tips!! 

  • Stacie Billis 2 years ago

    I’m off to get a nude eyeliner pencil now! (which was your favorite again?
    link? i want to see if it’s available in the U.S.!)

  • lovemakeup1229 2 years ago

    This look is gorgeous. Some fabulous tips, thanks for sharing!! I had
    noticed the tip with the blusher and I thought it was just my face shape or
    something to that effect as I have a round face shape.

  • Brooke Wierda 2 years ago

    Hi Nikkia great tips im trying these today as i get ready for work