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  • Nitraa B 2 years ago

    Thank you guys so much for all the likes and comments. I really enjoyed
    filming this video. If you guys would like to see any routine videos etc.
    Lmk and I will jot them down! xoxo

  • BronzeGoddess01 2 years ago

    You did that! How romantic. You two seem so in love. I pray you two have
    many years a wedded bliss together!

  • nancy brito 2 years ago

    I love this!!!!
    Ps. The

  • MakeupMinionTV 2 years ago

    Loved this video, it’s so creative! Even though, I gotta admit, I will be
    celebrating Single’s Awareness Day on Valentine’s Day…SO I’m about to
    have a Sexy night in for MYSELF hahaha

  • RivetingRadiance 2 years ago
  • LittleMissCutie2009 2 years ago

    I’ve never had a Valentine, but if I ever get one, I will definitely refer
    back to this video! lol Loved it!!!!

  • Nitraa B 2 years ago

    Hey babes! So Valentine’s Day is coming up and I wanted to do something
    different and give you guys tips for a Sexy Night In 🙂 I worked hard on
    this video so I hope you enjoy! If you really like this video give it a
    THUMBS UP! Let’s get this video 10,000 likes pretty pleaseeeee! xoxo (Oh, &
    this 18+ appropriate ;)

  • Athina Politis 2 years ago

    Title should be “Tips for a sexy night ON* Valentines day” in doesn’t
    really make sense in my opinion, but good tips

  • I Heart Recipes 2 years ago

    Awesome video.. I’m allergic to strawberries ( damn it!!!) For a
    substitute I used cherries, and prepare them the same way that you
    demonstrated. Thanks for the tips hunny. Happy Valentines to you and your

  • Ivy Dear 2 years ago

    Yasssssss sexyyyy

  • Kelsie Jones 2 years ago

    Nitra tryna show us how to get that ring finger poppin . Loved your tips
    your AMAZING !!

  • BRIDGET CASEL 2 years ago

    Question. Pandora. I just type in I miss you.. It was all fast music…
    Would love to hear some slow jams.. Help please…

  • bombshellgirlie24 2 years ago

    Nitra…I’m so inspired thank you the video and it was very creative…much
    love and more blessings, Kresha

  • Little Pinky 2 years ago

    Great video. I’m new to your channel and have been enjoying it. You should
    check out the company Pure Romance. They have all sorts of great sexy
    things on there. Everything from vibrators for men and women to different
    games and books for spicing things up. I also like their hygiene stuff too.
    I have nothing to do with them I just am a fan of their company lol. I
    loved the end of the message about confidence and feeling your best. Cute

  • Salathia Logan 2 years ago

    Gurrrl you just don’t know ! I lovee this grown and sexy video ! You did a
    great job with this ! ! I know you and your man had fun , I ain’t mad atcha

  • JoyAndToy TV 2 years ago

    Lol for the first 20 seconds I was straight jamming! I felt like I was
    entering a 90s Club lol awesome awesome awesome boo XOXO

  • A_NEW HealthierME 2 years ago



  • Tamra Smith 2 years ago

    Great video!!! I’ll definitely will use these tips for next Valentine’s Day
    even if I don’t have a special someone.

  • gelle5 2 years ago

    “Cause boo no one looks good in overhead lighting” hahahaha love you Nitraa
    and love this video! We were already contemplating staying for it this year
    so your video was appropriate. Happy Valentines in advance! <3

  • Cocoa Nina 2 years ago

    Nitra! This why I love you! I’ve been watching you for years and you are so
    real. Love this!

  • TommieMa 2 years ago

    I totally enjoyed this Nitra. These tips can also be used for birthday and
    anniversary. Thanks girl

  • SmileTheDayAwayy 2 years ago

    I love how you won’t shy away from videos like this unlike some others on
    the YT platform! Which is why we need you Nitra for smoking hot videos like
    this!! xx

  • Katie Gunn 2 years ago

    As soon as I heard Rocket by Beyoncé , I texted my boyfriend like “You
    Better Get Ready” lol I loved the video

  • Graceful + Lovely 2 years ago

    Get it, girl!!! 😉 loved it. Y’all are so adorable!!!

  • Julie Palomarez 2 years ago

    Wow!! I Likes These TIPS Girlie!! 😉 I’ve been subscribe to you for A Long
    while Now! And you’ve Come A LONG way!! I remember when you were just
    planning your wedding.. how Time Flys. May 11. Is Also my son’s Bday! 🙂
    P.s I Love you from Houston TX Mrs. Julie P.