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THIS VIDEO WAS REQUESTED. STOP COMPLAINING. I’m not a makeup artist either so sh. – READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH! & DON’T COMPLAIN. People asked for this, I’m only being honest with … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • Charlotte Good 2 years ago

    This is the messiest, clumsiest application of make-up I’ve ever witnessed.

  • Senpai Glitch 2 years ago

    I think I’m the only one who likes the way she did the makeup…

  • Kelly Villalobos 2 years ago

    Ya ever heard of falsies, or false eyelashes?

  • Ghost 2 years ago

    Where do these girls come from!!??
    How do they make them selfes look soo cute?!!!
    At my school every girl looks like an ailien -.-

  • PB&FB AdventureTime 2 years ago

    Her eye lashes look disgusting. .. sorry

  • Fatima Ventura 2 years ago

    Not gonna lie they look like the legs of flies… sorry

  • Michelle Grimme 2 years ago

    looks like spider legs , which are burned

  • 451brit 2 years ago

    Day luk liek spoders

  • Sup Dawg 2 years ago


  • Tamara Gasser 2 years ago

    Its not pretty

  • Destiny Rosé 2 years ago

    You like it? Fine. You don’t like it? That’s fine, too. Give a like, or a
    dislike, give feedback, say your opinion, whatever. But stop being so
    fucking rude! Stop laughing about her, stop calling her names, stop judging
    her! It’s the way she like it, respect that! It’s just a make up, you guys
    cannot judge her by her fucking make up, ok? 

  • ShAnZa NaAz 2 years ago

    What The hell you doing with ur eye lashes u dont have any sense just
    easily apply fake eye lashes if u have if u dont have dont do this like
    nonsense work u idiot it’s can be infecshion in ur eyes

  • Sif Corfitzen 2 years ago

    feel like this might be a joke

  • Corpse Playground 2 years ago

    If you pause the video and look close, you can see she is wearing contacts
    😀 the question is, are they coloured? Or perscription? (Idk im new to the
    channel :P)

  • Gaming Girl 2 years ago

    Message to the readers:

    You’re amazing!
    You’re beautiful!
    You don’t need make-up to be beautiful!
    Be who you are!
    Be amazing (because you are now)!
    And have a wonderful day because YOU deserve it! 

  • daniela fonseca 2 years ago

    why do you have spider legs on your eyelashes

  • Briza Melgarejo 2 years ago

    Imma steal your voice, Ariel…..

  • HemmingsSkinnyJeans 2 years ago

    Is she joking or not? I’m being serious is this a joke or not?

  • Natalie Gordon 2 years ago

    Guys, quit yelling about false eyelashes. I personally hate them, they make
    my eyelids super heavy and the glue just makes my eyes sticky. She may have
    these reasons or her own, just let her do her thing

  • x saturn x 2 years ago

    pls someone tell me what kind of haircut she has.. i love ittttt

  • Gregory Kurg 2 years ago

    Im a boy and i just want to know does it not feel weird or dont ur eyes
    feel heavy when u got so long eyelashes? And does it not hurt to put the
    eyeliner into the sides of ur eye?? Im just very curious

  • Rose Mars 2 years ago

    she even said the whole point is to not put so much product on and yet she
    does the exact opposite

  • chelsea nhah 2 years ago

    does anybody noticed that her skin under her eye is completly black and its
    disgusting when you have so much mascara on the skin you could never do
    this away when you started to do your eyelashes its fucking gross

  • Scarlet DeathPro 2 years ago

    guuyyyss… pssstttt, the ones that are posting rude comments, sttaahhhppp!
    like seriously, all you HAVE to do is watch another video tutorial if you
    don’t like this one. For all we know, it would’ve just been the mascara
    being a clumpy lil trouble maker that didn’t want to cooperate in the
    video. Shizz like that DOES happen. She even said in the video that the
    mascara she was using isn’t the best one to use. Grow up people and stop
    the hate. Don’t like it then move on to another video. For real, jeez, the
    negativity isn’t going to make it any better.

  • 95klopez 2 years ago

    A tip for ladies, wiggle the brush at the root of your lashes instead of
    just combing them straight it will give your lashes a more seperated look
    and will look fanned out