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This is how I straighten my hair for a fairly straight look (I wasn’t going for bone straight.) Doing this method helped me to have pretty straight hair with a good amount of volume & no heat… Share this video on FB — Share this video on Twitter – Saundarya – Self Hair […]

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  • liveloveGlam 2 years ago

    * Hey Everyone: The next time I flat iron my hair I will try using less
    heat protectant so I can achieve more movement. Thanks for the helpful
    suggestion *

  • masturKEIZZtion 2 years ago


  • Helaina Burke 2 years ago

    try not to use so much oil and it will have much more movement :)

  • liveloveGlam 2 years ago

    Thanks for stopping by! ♥

  • Shaya Kells 2 years ago

    Your hair looked really oily and stuck together.

  • Natural Hair Natural Me 2 years ago

    I love it 🙂 and the color is amazing!

  • sasukefroupie 2 years ago

    If I ever tried using olive oil before I flat ironed my hair, it would fry
    my hair! Do most women use olive oil? I use it for conditioning and hair
    masks. But I just get a heat protectant spray for blow outs and ironing

  • keke rezel 2 years ago

    *shocked face* I big chopped 7 months ago and I’m loving it I can’t wait
    until my hair is your length.. lol in love lol

  • Jamgirl Tings 2 years ago

    great video! love the results!

  • Vanessa K 2 years ago

    Loved it!!!

  • Samantha Murphy 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review! I may check this out I haven’t seen anyone with my
    hair type use it yet!! 

  • JourneyTo WaistLength 2 years ago

    the thickness of your flat ironed hair! <3

  • Texlaxed Tresses 2 years ago

    Very pretty and I love your hair color.

  • Tiyoka Frederick 2 years ago

    Did this hair ever went back to its natural state?

  • Tiffany Farrow 2 years ago

    Your hair looks nice but you may want to try a less oily heat protectant. I
    use to use that and I stopped because I like more flow. Try tressemme, it’s
    is a spray. But keep up the good work and I can’t wait til my hair gets
    your length.

  • Naturally Abby 2 years ago

    I love how your color grew out and your hair is so thick! I never thought
    of using a brush, but I made a flat iron tutorial where I used the
    comb-chase method. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think 🙂
    Once again, great video!

  • KinkyLiciouse 2 years ago

    why is my hair allways stiff after i flat ironed it :(

  • Ariana Taylor 2 years ago

    What video editor do you use?

  • abc123cura 2 years ago

    How long it usually takes you to finish straightening your hair?

  • Esita Tukuca 2 years ago

    Omg!!! I love your hair, it looks very soft and smooth after you
    straightened it. Thanks for the video :)

  • Alecia Rodriguez 2 years ago

    I think you used too much oil because your hair looked greasy…otherwise
    good job. You have nice thick hair !

  • RoseColoredGlass 2 years ago

    love ur hair!!! 

  • Keshia Fragkaki 2 years ago

    What color did you use on your hair? It’s so pretty!

  • Mind Body Soul 2 years ago

    Catch and share your favorite video right here – Stay
    tuned to Mind Body Soul for more updates :)

  • sadia shahbaz 2 years ago

    chal jhoti ………… 

  • Aanchal Ji 2 years ago

    Umm aren’t you suppose to put a heat protecting spray before use a flat
    iron on your hair ? O.o . Please! Don’t follow this video to the T . She
    obviously has no idea there is something known as a heat protecting spray
    to protect your hair from getting damaged.

  • Jaya Pradha 2 years ago


  • Kiran Shinde 2 years ago

    hair STARYTNING?????

  • pooja sehgal 2 years ago

    Hi, this was an informant video, can you please tell me the brand of the
    straightener and the heat protectant? Thanks

  • heenrockz 2 years ago

    “Isey kehte hain straightener” lol!!! Like someone said it is a toaster..
    She talks soooooooo much!!!

  • Sidhii Mhatre 2 years ago

    Plz Name Of The Heat Product Mam :)

  • roshina roshni 2 years ago

    how about long hair. mere baal bahut lambe hai??

  • Briana Dorsey 2 years ago

    she’s not taking small enough sections i can see that big wave in the back
    of her head

  • Mohd Ahmed 1 year ago

    heat protect spray ………?

  • Anwar Jalalpur 1 year ago

    world care u r the best really archana wow its great

  • att kh 1 year ago

    rachna jee ap kasay itni beautiful lagty han har koi fon kerta ha had ha
    apni tareef ki or jo models bechari is ky hath lagty han un ka satyanas ,

  • Mel Stevens 1 year ago

    a great hair straightener is the karmin titanium

  • Anuya V Bibin 1 year ago

    lol @1.26 wth is hair ‘starytning’!!!!

  • HomeSNG 1 year ago

    rachana u r so beautiful …. aisa sirf rachana sochati hai… rachana
    beautiful nahi hai lekin dumb , aur artificial hai … rachana i will
    suggest u thoda soch samajh kar bola karo … tumhare jyada bolane se tum
    bahut dumb lagati ho

  • taaneez73 1 year ago

    Yaar yeh her kissi hai kon..mujhay Millay tou Sahee kahin

  • pooja cute 1 year ago

    but then how long the hair lats this way? and how often can i straighten my
    hair this way , Im afraid what if my hair becomes more frizzy and dull
    later .anyways my hair is not too curly or too soft its way perfect but im
    quite bored and likes to straighten plz guide me with protective measures
    because i don’t want my hair spoiled

  • Naheed Nasrin 1 year ago

    I am curious to know, logon ke paas aur koi kaam nahin hai jo inhi ke paas
    din raat phone karte rahte hain 😀 yeh log saare kon hai??

  • Wani Ahmad 1 year ago

    LOL starytning

  • misha khan 1 year ago

    please name da heat protectant product name?

  • 170emogirl 1 year ago

    her hair will eventually get ruined because of the heat.

  • aaradhya22 1 year ago

    Don’t you use heat protectant before straightening your hair?

  • Misha Sweet 1 year ago

    Kaha pe rehti he ye bewakuff aunty. Istri kon use karta hai?? Gaon me rehti
    he lagta hai aunty. Think once before u talk aunty ji. Everyone’s making a
    fool out of u.

  • nagma bansal 1 year ago

    hair ke liye kon se company ka hair strighter best he