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Lots more info below!* Pro makeup artist Jordan Liberty gives insider tips on the effects of SPF and silica (a.k.a. HD powder) in flash photography. Say goodbye to this dated myth with a full… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • SelfSelly y 2 years ago

    Hi Jordan, I am actually going to have an outdoor photoshoot. I have no
    idea what kind of camera the photographer will be using and if she will be
    using flash if its outdoors, in fact I know nothing on photography. I went
    and got the mac studio fix fluid which has spf in it, bit i did not know
    that spf was a problem in photography untill after i have purchased it. Can
    you please tell me if the mac studio fix would be okay in my photoshoot or
    if it would bouce back lighting?

  • HeirOfGlee 2 years ago

    the bb cream blew me away

  • Melin Libra 2 years ago

    Hi Jordan ! I’m always in love with all the makeup you did on your Channel
    .,, you’re one of my favorite makeup artist and you teach me a lot ! I’m
    glad that I learn it from you , silicon or white powder won’t get flash
    back .. I have makeup Forever HD powder but it make my skin look more dry
    .,, do you think Tarte smooth operator finishing powder will do the same
    job just like the makeup forever too ? I hope you see my massage and help
    me !! 

  • Viviana Arcos 2 years ago

    Amaaazing explanation Jordan! What is a “drugstore” HD powder or setting
    down that you have would recommend?! 

  • Johanna Rogers 2 years ago

    Sigh…today I applied with a puff as I’ve seen done in YouTube and if I
    show you the pics… They are horrid!
    Previous to today I’ve tried it with a fluffy powder brush and my face
    looked completely white in my pics.
    I will try it with a fan brush and attempt to apply it as your video. If I
    still get a white cast, I give up.

  • Cheryl Freeman 2 years ago

    Oh Jordan!! thank you so much. My makeup always flashback and look white. I
    do use SPF in primer foundation etc. so will cutting back on the SPF help
    or should I change the foundation shade?

  • J starr 2 years ago

    What if you use a matte foundation? Will this have the same effect with
    “silica powder” as dry skin because it is “dry”

    For example with estee lauders double wear foundation.

    Also do you have any suggestions of better/”lighter more natural
    foundations for someone who has combo normal/ really pily t-zone skin? I
    need this foundation to last 10 hours for work without my t-zone liking
    like an oily mess at the end of the day. That is the only reason why I like
    double wear. However I do not like that it is “full coverage/a heavier
    looking” foundation.

    Pleassssee help! I would greatly appreciate it!! 

  • Shani Moreno 2 years ago

    this has helped me out so much! i haven’t had an issue with flashback so
    far, but recently I took a photo with my mobile and it gave me a moonface.
    now given that fact that it was a cell phone camera could have been the
    issue or it could have been that that week my face was going thru a dry
    spell and makeup was just a b**** to apply. either way now i know that
    hdpowders adheres better to oily skin, well lets say more hydrated skin a
    lot better than dry. makes me feel so much more confident when applying hd
    powders to my clients face. because as you said hd powders make the skin
    look gorgeous!!

  • Julia Ziolkowski 2 years ago

    Hey Jordan, my prom is coming up soon and I don’t want to spend tons of
    money on a foundation. Are there any drugstore or cheaper options that you
    recommend? Thanks would love to hear back from you! 

  • Will Wraspir 2 years ago

    You deserve the be on top of the beauty youtube community. 

  • Italia Pierfederici 2 years ago

    Mind blowing-ly informative. WOW!!!

  • biggmonie 2 years ago


  • Michelle Horn 2 years ago

    Hi Jordan I am a professional wedding photographer and we too have never
    had an issue with flash back. I just had a bride contact me recently (she’s
    getting married in a few month) and she has been seeing on the internet
    that flash back can happen. I let her know that in 5 years we have never
    experienced the flash back. I then found your video and sent her the link.
    Now I would like to do a blog post in regards to this and in my post I
    would love to share your video, but I wanted to get your approval before
    doing so. Here is a link to our Blog so you can see where the video will be
    if you allow us to share it:

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a fabulous day! 

  • Alberto pérez 2 years ago

    I just did a video about this in spanish, because I was so angry to see so
    many make up gurus saying avoid spf because it flash back I just did a
    test using a spf 50 and no makeup just the sunscreen. I’m Like you, makeup
    artist and photographer so is really nice find someone who really
    understand both sides…. love your videos and I think you are very good
    explaining things. Have a nice day greeting from Mexco

  • W0MANiTY 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but coming from a video made by gossmakeupartist on this subject
    and then watching you just left me completely clueless and confused…

  • sugarbumpkin 2 years ago

    I am completely blown away. I think I’ll have to stop caking on my powder
    and give the MUFE HD Powder another chance.

  • nina_sugar 2 years ago

    This was super helpful. I prefer to wear products with a little sunscreen
    and I am a fan of a certain brands very popular HD products on my skin. I
    was very eager to wear those particular products and then became briefly
    discouraged because I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear them for my
    photoshoot. Now that I know how to apply them I don’t feel as bad. Now I
    notice that you don’t shy away from using shadows with a shimmery finish on
    the eyes. I also like to use shadows with a shimmery finish, especially in
    the inner corners. I also like to use a highlight (such as Benefit’s Watts
    Up) that imparts a more wet looking finish than the popular Kim Kardashian
    highlight that I normally see. I have heard that it’s best to stay matte
    with ALL the makeup you’re applying for flash photography. I guess it’s
    for the same reason (flashback myth) but just wanted to be sure. Would you
    recommend going completely matte (with eye makeup and highlight?).

  • CurlyBeautyBlogger 2 years ago

    “Mistake-up artist”…lol. Thanks for the info.

  • LaShondra White 2 years ago

    I was told to watch this video because I had concerns using e.l.f. HD
    Powder, and my new Ben Nye banana powder and translucent face powder. I
    learned some good tips for use. What would you recommend for a dry skin
    client? Thank you in advance for a response.

  • michelle fernandes 2 years ago

    can u make a bb cream tutorial on her 

  • x0toriix0 2 years ago

    Wow thank you so much for doing this video! I’ve been stressing out about
    this haha

  • Tanzim Ali 2 years ago

    Hi thank you for this video can you please tell me which camera you used to
    take the models pictures,

  • LubFaithHThao 2 years ago

    This is such a great video. I was just about to research on products that
    wouldnt leave a white cast when taken a photo with flash. This is truly
    great, thanks!!! ♥

  • Angel P 2 years ago

    Great video and very helpful. I think that I will get the MUFE HD powder
    because I do have all-over oily skin.