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Hi lovers! Ive been SO excited to film this video for you guys! Do let me know if you have any questions, always happy to answer! Really hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to thumbs up! Love ya’s!… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • sara adam 2 years ago

    Way toooo much cakey 🙁 

  • Stephanie Lange 2 years ago

    Love this video beb! Inspired me to go and try this right now! x

  • Lisa Mccormack 2 years ago

    When she is in her 30s she will regret covering her beautiful skin and
    beauty with makeup it makes me sad:( 

  • Heidi Hamoud 2 years ago
  • OMG when you said you have nothing underneath your eyes , my jaw dropped.
    My under eyes are like pitch black compared to yours – love your green eyes
    and this is so helpful! x

  • Hannah Sofia 2 years ago

    Is that concealer thicker than prolong wear? 

  • Alissa Mitchell 2 years ago

    Can you PLEASE do a makeup tutorial on this makeup??? I want to re-create
    it for my prom <3

  • McKenzie Mann 2 years ago

    Def going to try it with the colored powder at the end! xo

  • Jess Louise 2 years ago

    I’ve been dying to find out what this new technique for ages! definitely
    going to try it tomorrow night Xx

  • Kenia Cruz 2 years ago

    Really love everything u did! That was a really good video love u 

  • Anais Rodriguez 2 years ago

    What eyelashes are you wearing 

  • kristi Balibrera 2 years ago

    Deeper fine lines?! How old are you, 23 lol

  • natalia v. 2 years ago

    This looks so good on everyone that does it on youtube but when i do apply
    powder under my eyes, it just absorbs all the moisture from my skin and my
    concealer so it makes my undereyes look so dry and cakey 🙁 and i dont have
    dry skin. 

  • Nur Azwani 2 years ago

    love love loveee this. learned something new today! so gonna try it out :)

  • Ala Maher 2 years ago

    gorgeous 🙂 I’ve been following you on instagram of awhile and I just found
    your videos . I love your lashes they look so natural what are they?

  • DyAnneNancoo 2 years ago

    Awesome tips tfs watching this a second time lol

  • Emma Tara 2 years ago

    Your makeup is always flawless! Great video xxx

  • Jade Dang 2 years ago

    Heidi! What lashes are you wearing? They’re incredible, I couldn’t stop
    looking at them! 

  • Jessi in Wonderland 2 years ago

    This is great! I love how much detail you go into – I’ve always been taught
    to keep as little products as possible under the eye, but I’m really
    interested to give this technique a go!

  • TooFaced_1112 2 years ago

    I’m totally gonna try this! You are flawless. <3

  • kaleileis 2 years ago

    do you have a suggestion for a translucent powder for tanner or deeper skin
    tones that doesn’t look ashy? I’ve been on the hunt for such a long time!!
    Loved this video!!!!

  • Rima Shikhhassan 2 years ago

    I love your eyelashes. Which brand ist ? Amazing video !!

  • RochaStyles 2 years ago

    ur eyes are georgeous! <3