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This video was created to show various medium/long curly hairstyles for men. I do not own the copyright to all the photo’s apart from one. No copyright infringement intended. The song is… Related

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  • Frank Wave 2 years ago

    I’m growing out my hair and 0:42 is the style I want but my hair is a
    little curlier than that. How can I make it look like his. My hair is more
    similar to the guy at 0:32 if I were to use a bunch of hairspray and moose

  • Alan Donald 2 years ago

    Guys???what kind of hairsyle is at 0:20?

  • Jeremiah Daniel 2 years ago

    who is that guy at 0:42 ?

  • Panos Christofi 2 years ago

    No it doesn’t!

  • 0Fry093 2 years ago

    @Apollo2077 Noo, neveeeer eheh If you Want to see them, there Are a lot of
    video of ne in My channel 🙂 (i’m a singer heeh)

  • cyril star 2 years ago

    Who’s 1:18

  • Asbjørn Berg 2 years ago

    who is the guy at 0:14 ?

  • Alessandro Paolino 2 years ago

    The guy at 1:15 is my idol

  • AleXiZKooL 2 years ago

    Curly hair is disgusting, I have it personally and hate it

  • annabelle6044 2 years ago

    Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!

  • Panos Christofi 2 years ago

    Do you mean at 1:16? ;o))

  • Asbjørn Berg 2 years ago

    think you can send me a link to where you found the picture? 🙂 totally dig
    the hairstyle

  • spinmark1980 2 years ago

    thats lika a new carrot top style ive had it many times

  • jose parra 2 years ago

    1 :15 lol !! jkaaaklaakajaajka

  • TheKiko152 2 years ago

    :49 and :58 were my favourites.

  • Roger Jaén 2 years ago

    that song sucks dude

  • ilyesta da silva 2 years ago

    my goal is 1:17 😀

  • ssmith87 2 years ago

    gotta put Vincent Gallo and Brent Hinds from Mastodon in there

  • TheCOWBOYRANCHER 2 years ago

    Oh snap I got the exact same As 1:10 ..same color and curly too …I want
    to cut it but at the same time I wanna let grow more

  • 0Fry093 2 years ago

    I LOVE 1:24 hair and I have 1:20 hair but more curly but… I dont wanna
    CUT them 🙁 ehhe