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Cat Eye Makeup


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  • TheVintageVision 2 years ago

    So you guys heavily requested that I filmed a makeup tutorial for this look
    in my last video. Luckily I had already filmed it for you guys 😉 So here
    it is my lovelies xx

  • Serafina ♡ 2 years ago

    That lip colour is just beautiful! Awesome look.

  • SianShutterbug 2 years ago

    Loooove this look! Love the colour scheme & that eyeshadow looks amazing on
    you x

  • Selena M 2 years ago

    Love it! You’re so gorgeous!

  • lucy stedman 2 years ago

    So lovely! Thanks for doing this video!!

  • Sally Lillian 2 years ago

    feel this is more 60s than 90s but its so nice!! xxx

  • ELLWIS 2 years ago

    That is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! And the eyeshadow goes so well with your hair!

  • Kat Marie 2 years ago

    You’ve done your makeup so beautifully! 

  • UnicornBlush 2 years ago

    You have great brows! Jeaaalouuus.
    Have I said that before? :P

  • Sherry T 2 years ago

    love love love this look & evrythng about it, great vid

  • Mariam S 2 years ago

    Love it!!!!!

  • Wardrobe full of clothes 2 years ago

    Can’t get over how gorgeous you are with and without makeup! <3

  • TheVintageVision 2 years ago
  • Isabella Layla 2 years ago

    This is absolutely stunning! I love it! I am so doing this look! You look

  • beautyblogs 2 years ago

    Loove your makeup!!! You look stunning! What eyeshadow blending brush do
    you use?x

  • Margaritte Meow 2 years ago

    This makeup reminds me of Lady Gaga, don’t know why^^

  • Amanda Leah 2 years ago

    beautiful make up you are stunning xx

  • sharna456 2 years ago

    you’re beautiful! love this look x

  • Grace Arbs 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for reminding me to layer my honey love lipstick as it was
    too light on its own but with a darker lip pencil underneath, it looks so
    nice x

  • tilly bowden 2 years ago

    Does anyone know what stippling brush she uses??

  • Hannah Melvin 2 years ago

    Love this look!! Quick question though, what shade of Nars sheer glow do
    you use? x

  • Lou J 2 years ago

    God, you are amazing. xoxo

  • Abi Robinson 2 years ago

    How do you style your hair like this?

  • senioritta1000 2 years ago

    Can you do a video of ebay dupes for some clothes again?

  • marie marily 2 years ago

    is your jumper comfy ? I’m thinking of buying it ! love this look :3