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Brighten up your makeup with a little blush! Learn how to apply blush with expert tips for teenagers in this free cosmetics video. Expert: Jenny Karl Bio: Jenny Karl has over eleven years… Related

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  • xoEmiliexox 1 year ago

    the model is surely her sister!

  • Layla Abdallah 1 year ago

    i know those blushes are MAC, but what are the names of them? i want them

  • bleibtreufan 1 year ago

    I think the model looked a lot prettier without the eye makeup

  • xzoeprincessx 1 year ago

    loll are u kidding me ? her modell when she draws her eyebrow up @ 1.33 was
    like sayingg err seriously dudee you shouldnt apply it like thiss and
    surelyy nott tahtt roughh ! you practically wanted to tear my cheek out ..
    is that even possible ? lool xP

  • danielapantss 1 year ago

    she’s using A Lot of makeup. She’s rubbing the shit out of that blush….

  • carlo austria 1 year ago too.. and the way the make-up srtist did the brushing,t’was no
    clesr.. the forehead has uneven shade..

  • littlemissxxx3 1 year ago

    well, no offense, but this video is directed at the teen population to try
    and teach us how to better apply our make-up, the model is just that, a
    model, and how she looks is of no concern to me, nor should it be for
    anyone else.

  • LizziesAnswers 1 year ago

    The model needs to SMI)e

  • microFUNK328 1 year ago

    this makeup is WAY WAY WAY!!!! too heavy and unnatural. they don’t need to
    wear bronzer, shimmer powder, and blush, and full face of foundation

  • jennie71379 1 year ago

    I hate the model’s hair–ugh…

  • cindy monroy 1 year ago

    ur model looks like a transexual …man

  • beauty0riot 1 year ago

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  • Branislav Ristic 1 year ago

    i hate it too

  • mizz1308 1 year ago

    it by mac but i dont know what its called soz

  • Qpie261 1 year ago

    Attack, attack!

  • Emily Gallagher 1 year ago

    is it just me or does it look like the model is actually like in 20s and
    they put pig tails in her hair to make her look younger?

  • megswansborough 1 year ago

    the model looks like a weird person from sims that went wrong LOL