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This was highly requested!! Products and Tips for Fair Skin! Thumbs up this video if you found it helpful 🙂 xox New Videos every Tuesday & Friday! Some times on Sundays! FOLLOW ME! INSTAGRAM:. Learn tips & techniques on how to apply foundation makeup so that it looks natural in this free online instructional video […]

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  • Lory C 2 years ago

    Love this video thanks for the advice hunnie!!!

  • Labrini Tsalamengas 2 years ago

    That’s what I hate about my skin, i’m like, porcelain, everyone that see’s
    me says you look like a porcelain doll, so Ivory is too too too dark, like
    really dark, I can’t find white foundations, (well there is MAC, but it is
    expensive) and I would like to try the manic panic.

  • ANGEL DAVIS 2 years ago

    What kind of coverage does the flower foundation have?

  • VeronicaBeaut 2 years ago

    I’ve been taught that it’s best to swatch foundations along your jawline,
    that way you can see it against both your face color and your neck.

  • susannahsaurus 2 years ago

    Have you tried the ELF HD concealer in Balancing? It’s supposed to be the
    lilac/purple corrective shade in the line, but I find it’s actually closer
    to white. I know you’ve recently placed at least one order from them, but
    next time you might want to add that item in if you haven’t had it before!
    I also really like the Wet N Wild bronzer in “Reserve Your Cabana,” which
    most people would use as a highlight but I use as a setting powder.
    Thanks for doing this video! I’m going to tell my much fairer older sister
    about the Manic Panic white foundation! 

  • Emma Kathryn 2 years ago

    The maybelline fit me foundation ha some pretty light shades as well as the
    Rimmel stay matte which has a tendency to get cakey (so it’s probably best
    for pretty clear skin) has a SUPER light pale foundation.

  • xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox 2 years ago

    Here’s My Tips on finding foundations, concealers and powders for fair skin

  • Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk 2 years ago

    I always find it’s better to err on the side of too light than too dark, if
    you get a foundation that’s really too light you can warm up your face with
    bronzer, or use it for a subtle highlight.

    P.S. I just got a huge bag of ELF in the mail! I’m playing with the
    smudge pots and one of the blush palettes right now!

  • Nina Christensen 2 years ago

    Very useful! Thanks for looking out for us pale ladies. 🙂 and I agree the
    CoverAll by Wet N Wild is just lovely. Both the foundation and powder.

  • JackyOhhh 2 years ago

    I love that you did this video! I’m super pale and it really is hard
    sometimes to find certain makeup products. I really need to pick up that
    Manic panic white powder! I use the NYX HD concealer in lavender and it
    seriously brightens up the under eyes since its basically white. Great

  • Jeanette Wood 2 years ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t include Elf’s Complexion Perfection in cool (the
    original) as a powder! We all know it doesn’t perfect much lol but it’s a
    super light powder great for setting foundation and it’s really
    inexpensive, especially for the amount of product you get :)

  • Karina Acevedo 2 years ago

    New subbie whoop whoop jiji i love ur personality! Ur not fake as many in
    here. 🙂 I am an elf junkie too :)

  • PrettyMeanGumbo 2 years ago

    Awesome video,Girl! Thanks so much for the info!

  • Melody 2 years ago

    hahaha cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose thats all over your face, IDIOT!

  • Isobel Calland 2 years ago

    Cheeks forehead chin and nose pretty much everywhere 

  • Nadeshda 2 years ago

    She’s taking the foundation off of the spatula with the sponge she’s using
    in the model and then redips the spatula in the foundation! That is
    unsanitary for a makeup artist to do, she can contaminate the whole
    foundation with bacteria and then go on her merry way to apply that same
    contaminated foundation to someone else… ew ew ew…

  • AndrewFuckingRichie 2 years ago

    omg the MUA is a fucking idiot. she has a major attitude problem. fuck her

  • wakeboardchick4lifee 2 years ago

    cheeks forehead skin and nose? what else is left? she said she didnt apply
    it anywhere else except for those places…. lol

  • elsnappypickle 2 years ago

    what a n00b!

  • charliiebabiie 2 years ago

    Eww, that’s alot of foundation. She looks like Dolly Parker !

  • SumDumSock 2 years ago

    The way she’s applying it makes it look like she’s beating up the poor
    girl’s face! This is just piss poor makeup application! Piss poor!

  • nighthawknina86 2 years ago

    the way she positions her arms is hilarious

  • bs106tj 2 years ago

    Im sorry but to be honest with you,when i was looking at your video it
    looks like your model is not enjoying it,your hand is too heavy when u
    applying the peoduct on to your models face,shes hating it lol

  • GymnastChick1234 2 years ago

    “dont aply foundation everywhere , only to the cheeks, chin, and nose” wow
    that is everywhere

  • Lanooosha 2 years ago

    OKEY. . .

  • sherryelebeauty 2 years ago

    I can’t believe she is double dipping her sponge on the applicator that’s
    going baçk into the product! So unsanitary!

  • knobylob jones 2 years ago

    she’s so rough

  • xXiloveyouXx34 2 years ago

    she says she doesn’t put foundation every-wear only cheeks forehead chin
    and nose … that is your whole face

  • douluvmee 2 years ago

    shes so boring and ignorant.

  • Corinne Gifford 2 years ago

    omg that is SO DISGUSTING..SHE’S A PROFESSIONAL???? If I ever had anyone do
    my make-up and they pulled a brush out of the foundation and dabbed the
    sponge on that and kept putting it back and back on my skin I would freak
    out.. That is SO UNSANITARY!!! Bacteria from other peoples skin probably
    LOVES that container of warmish liquid ick ick ick and she’s giving it to
    everyone else. How professional

  • whatever1405 2 years ago


  • Taylor Eikanas 2 years ago

    @ainaina22 I noticed that! ouch!

  • veronicapurple 2 years ago

    what’s a pancake appearance?

  • xXerinx06xX 2 years ago

    tut tut….shes nt doin that rite! ur nt supposed to wipe it across or else
    ure just wipin it of ur face, u have to tap it on gently. haha that girl
    luks lyk shes in pain shes slappin it on her!

  • JaJaJa 2 years ago

    true.. your mom is a make up artist?? awesome 😛

  • Outcast137 2 years ago

    its like shes scrubbing a stain out of clothing. lol i would probably slap
    her if she was that rough with my face.

  • DolphinBello 2 years ago

    How come none of expertvillages experts seem to really know what they are

  • Blanca Heras 2 years ago

    1. the sponge absorbs most of the product that you’re going to apply to
    your skin. 2. it’s unhealthy because the sponge catches the oils of yous
    skin. I recommend you to use a syntheric brush if you use liquid foundation
    or a powder brush if you use powder fundation. hope that helps and sorry
    for my English 😀