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Mini Haul video showing my recent makeup purchases & a few snacks for my children Follow along *Everything was purchased with my own money & all … Related


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  • SouthernRidgeStyle 2 years ago

    I’ve tried several BB cremes, & just can’t find one I love. I liked the
    coverage of Garnier, but couldn’t handle the perfumey smell. I also tried
    the Maybellinw, Revlon, & Loreal- so I guess I’m not a BB girl! Lol I’m
    sticking w my Bare Minerals.

  • crowenessa 2 years ago

    Mine is Raspberry Pie … It’s a beautiful color, but i have to be super
    careful to only apply a small amount too. I really like the formula, so
    I’ll have to check out the Cotton Candy & the one you got.

  • Robinsc 2 years ago

    Your hair looks great! Feel better Ezra!

  • Leah Raisingbushs 2 years ago

    Thank you! I am trying to grow it out & not pull it up in a pony tale/bun
    as much but its so hard during the summer.

  • Leah Raisingbushs 2 years ago

    I almost got cotton candy but I think that might be too must of a pale pink
    for me. I might buy it if I get a good deal & try it out though. I have one
    really dark lipstick that I love but I have to be super careful to only
    apply a small amount.

  • crowenessa 2 years ago

    I love the color you got of the Lip Butter. iWeb I got mine I was expected
    more of a sheer color, so I picked a darker color & it can easily be way
    too much color

  • Leah Raisingbushs 2 years ago

    I used to work for Bare Minerals & wore their makeup for several years. I
    want to go by their store so I can try the new foundation & look at new
    products. I love their stuff. I have a love/hate relationship with this BB

  • crowenessa 2 years ago

    Don’t mind the smart phone typos, my smart phone isn’t very smart

  • Leah Raisingbushs 2 years ago

    Thank you. I like almost everything I had gotten from PF in the past. I
    like the coverage & the feel of this powder. I have to use a light hand
    when I apply it otherwise its too dark for my pale skin.

  • Mammaneeds Anap 2 years ago

    My kiddos love those fruit leathers. So good to hear your sweet voice!! 😉

  • Leah Raisingbushs 2 years ago

    My MIL sales Avon so I will order that one when she places another order. I
    really like the Revlon as long as I make sure to apply it in a think layer.
    Yesterday, I put no more than normal & had that puddle, sweaty feeling on
    my face for an hour or so. I had the same issue with the photoready
    foundation so I wonder if its just the way my skin deals with the formula
    of this makeup.

  • Mother Clover 2 years ago

    I like physicians formula make up. They’ve come a long way over the years.
    Poor Ezra, I hope he feels better.

  • TheIntentionalHomeKeeper 2 years ago

    The new Avon BB cream is amazing! I have combo/oily skin and my husband
    doesnt like when i wear alot of makeup but he likes the look of the Avon
    BB. Its very natural just evens the skin tone and i find i dont need
    concealor when i wear it. Ive tried the garnier and its terrible, way too
    heavy & greasy feeling. I was using the Maybeline BB cream and liked that
    also but love the Avon one better!