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  • mani abarca 2 years ago

    Hahahahahah okay

  • pixiwoo 2 years ago

    Just for fun. xxx

  • GoingCoen 2 years ago

    A nice natural, sunday church look lol

  • Nize M. Crespo 2 years ago

    I love your “not wearable” looks <3

  • muniqueen1 2 years ago

    More please! I love it when you start pushing boundaries!

  • W0MANiTY 2 years ago

    Owwwwww, ;( I didn’t want this to end, aaargh!

  • Shannon Coleman 2 years ago

    I really like it. Be great for a festival or concert. I love when you and
    Nic do “unwearable” looks. Because makeup is fun. 

  • Sharayah Cruz 2 years ago

    Im still glad i watched it. I learned something to be honest. Hope to watch
    another one of your unwearable looks tutorial soon. :)

  • Sonia Sélaire 2 years ago

    Just for fun. xxx

  • Sarah Nunn 2 years ago

    Sam you are a genius! It’s fun to watch you just be creative 🙂 

  • xGhostTown 2 years ago

    I love love love the creative fun looks!

  • TerrieJ DimestoreDivaTV 2 years ago

    I Loved it! It was absolutely GORGEOUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks, and
    want more, please??? I am stretched and inspired! xoxo

  • Teresa Jolly 2 years ago

    Bloody brilliant Sam, more of these time lapse vids please, love your
    creative looks!

  • Zoe Glanville 2 years ago

    would be amazing for stage

  • carltonartist 2 years ago

    whatd you make those brilliant lashes with!?

  • PixiwooMadness 2 years ago
  • BellaDioraddict 2 years ago

    wish you wouldn’t have time lapsed it, I love your non-conformist looks!!!
    The grungier, edgier, darker, gothic or editorial the better!!!!!!!!!!

  • DanityFairMakeup 2 years ago

    NEVER with hold an opportunity for us to see how you work. Thanks for this
    one. This inspired me actually! 

  • Kristy Simmons 2 years ago

    Unwearable hell! Ioved it! that blue is amazing! More please!!! And then
    when you started adding the glitter I just lost it! It’s the more creative
    looks that keep me inspired. You are such a talented artist.

  • Michele Coccaro 2 years ago

    omG beautiful art Sam!! Love your creativity! please do more stuff with
    this palette please please please
    xoxo Michele

  • Summer H 2 years ago

    I want to mimic this look with another lid color for Gay Pride in San

  • Kimberly Solko 2 years ago

    I envy your creativity!

  • jaggia2884 2 years ago

    wow I like it

  • Megan Smith 2 years ago

    wow wtf! this is insane :D

  • CourtLoves RootsANDFruits 2 years ago

    way to fasst couldnt even see what you were doing, disappointing..