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Hey dollies! Next video here is a tutorial which show you how to do your quick and simple makeup when going to school. I made this shorter as I want to tell the steps directly. Hope you find… Related

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  • Cass Sian 2 years ago

    I’ve been debating what look to wear on the first couple day back to
    school! This is officially add to the list! (Even though I am only in high
    school) I was just wondering if you could hop over to my channel and when
    you have some time and if you like what you see sub back or give some
    advice/feedback? I would really appreciate it! I cant wait for your next

  • Poise~Belle 2 years ago

    You look pretty. Love makeup look. The lippy color is so pretty. Thanks for
    visiting my channel. I subbed back :)

  • Cindy Luc 2 years ago

    hi! i just discovered your channel and i love it so far. would love if you
    checked mine out too! :)

  • Hannah Francesca Agustin 2 years ago

    Nice! Thumbs Up! Pinay tayo! XD

  • IDrawEveryday 2 years ago

    I like your videos 🙂 Although I am not in or going into college, I would
    absolutely try this out some time. it’s really pretty, and I personally
    like it. Got a new subbie! <3 Sub back?

  • jollybeautymakeup 2 years ago

    ganda girl

  • ivy manipula 2 years ago

    Pretty!!!!how I wish I already know how to put makeup when I was in high
    school pero laid back kasi ako eh juststarted learning recently 

  • Anita Bailey 2 years ago

    Your too pretty girl! Great video loving your makeup!

  • Jade The Libra 2 years ago

    I love this look for back to school! Can’t wait to see more makeup looks
    from you! Subscribed!

  • Rita Pires 2 years ago

    hey girl! congratulations on the awesome channel. you got yourself a new
    subbie! I would love if you could check out my channel… that would be
    awesome! keep the good work, xoxo

  • Sheila Jaworski 2 years ago

    ganda girl

  • CallMeeJen 2 years ago

    Cute look!! It matches you so much 🙂 And thanks for subbing btw, subbed
    back! :)

  • Marjio Ishibashi 2 years ago

    ang ganda po♥

  • AshleyYvonne 2 years ago

    Love this :)

  • Makeuplover12300 2 years ago

    Great video love your personalty!
    I subscribed could you please return the favor by subscribing to my channel

  • Mckenna Audrey 2 years ago

    I really love your videos!! I subbed, sub back? thanks beautiful! ❤️

  • mhownai 2 years ago

    New subbie here! Ang ganda ate. :)

  • FashbeautyClaire Bubbly 2 years ago

    love your makeup!! 🙂 i hope u can check out my channel too ;D

  • Diary of the Ugly Duckling 2 years ago

    You look gorgeous! I absolutely love this fresh look! Please check out my
    channel and sub back :)

  • Katherine Joyce Maglalang 2 years ago