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Include before and after images, behind the scenes and make up application. Introducing Lana and Sharon! Lana is our lingerie model,… Related

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  • adsam3000 2 years ago

    Hard to hear the make up artist over the music!(Especially the first time)

  • victor torres 2 years ago

    the make up artist was hotter than the model

  • Matt Granger 2 years ago

    haha no worries

  • mamiyapress 2 years ago

    Model is cute and so is Sharon. I bet she is Irish!

  • Matt Granger 2 years ago

    @stutaylor87 Hey! That’s a bit rude… and a lot true 🙂 thanks for the
    comment, glad you liked it.

  • liamcgoldrick 2 years ago

    what the she is def not a model… not even a plus size model…..

  • Stuart Taylor 2 years ago

    A true test of Sharon’s skills would have been to see what she could do
    with you Matt.. haha On a serious note, I am trying to build a portrait
    business and will need to look into a combo makeup and photography session
    as the differences with Lana before and after are understandibly marked.

  • Matt Granger 2 years ago


  • Matt Granger 2 years ago

    @liamcgoldrick get lost idiot

  • Stormgebieder 2 years ago

    Thank you for doïng the effort to learn us something! And you are realy
    charming with the ladies, like it! You are taking all the shots with the
    hood, even when you’re inside, does it make a difference? It seems you’re
    not wearing shoes, is it a part of the process or was it just a comfy
    shooting? On 8:50 Sharon was almost standing on your toes 😮

  • Tim Rohwer 2 years ago

    Stupid app doesn’t let me like your comment…. The get lost one:)

  • LowCountryWild 2 years ago

    Hey Matt, I was wondering if you have ever done much in terms of wildlife
    photography? seeing how you live in such a wildlife filled area of the
    world i think it would be cool to see a video of you trying it

  • Matt Granger 2 years ago

    @Stormgebieder I was in someones home, so I usually take off my shoes,
    especially if walking on the backdrop. I am just myself when shooting – I
    try to makeall my subjects, and anyone in the room, comfortable and relaxed.