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남자도 메이크업하는 요즘! 헤어, 패션을 돋보이게 하기위한 연말 파티 메이크업하는법! ———————————————————————–… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • Kaito Shion 2 years ago

    Baekhyun? Is that you?
    Emeged you’re so cute! So fluffy I could hug you!

  • Rimu N 2 years ago

    I love his eyes. 

  • evilrabbit31 2 years ago

    Awww. He’s cute. Like EXO Baekhyun with Xiumin’s eyes. How old is he?

  • alex lee 2 years ago

    this would be a good look for a photo shoot, not sure about the lip
    coloring and eye liner for a daily thing tho.

  • Maya L 2 years ago

    Before i clicked the video i thought with was baekhyun showing us how to
    put on eyeliner properly

  • Misa chan 2 years ago

    lol he is better than me xD

  • kim constantino 2 years ago

    BTs V Look aLike :D

  • chuchilin1993 2 years ago

    He’s so cute! ^^

  • MsTheeloisa 2 years ago

    baekhyun’s secret twin !!!

  • divacosmalens 2 years ago

    He is soooooo cute!!!! :3

  • kim constantino 2 years ago

    Do MoRe

  • Dear Ella 2 years ago

    wow, awesome make up! the model looks good. still manly-looking. ♥

  • 백승오 2 years ago

    this model is too handsome !
    i cant avoid feeling that gap difference btw his face and mind !! haha

  • Shahiran Anuar 2 years ago

    What is the name of the song? Tried listening to “Leavin’ (Mbrother Pres.
    Cm Edit) [feat. Tyra C]” but it’s not the same one. Would be great if you
    could provide me with the link! Thank you!

  • Hasnur Zulfridatya 2 years ago

    he looks like baekhyun oppa,,,, and he is so cute ^_^

  • Michie817 2 years ago

    His smile is so precious

  • Kenneth Laurente 2 years ago

    Can i know the title of the song plss… its really catchy…

  • V.I.P VVT 2 years ago

    Smile *u*

  • Lunara Arzu 2 years ago

    Aw that smile though! ^^ 

  • Krystina Envy 2 years ago

    Oh his smile is so very precious <3 

  • NatsumiKenjii 2 years ago

    omg sooo cutee <3 i love it <3 ... it kind of helped me ... 

  • tamakikawaii 2 years ago

    So handsome! 

  • Maudyta Dwi Puteri 2 years ago

    야~ 진짜 귀여운 남자, 너무 좋다 ^^ He is really cute, love him so much!!

  • Filiani Fylie 2 years ago

    his smile so cute