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BLOG POST – If you follow Korean makeup trends, you’ll know that the gradient/”just bitten” lip look is extremely… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • xoxoprincessxoxo1000 2 years ago

    Soo much people hate gradient lips??? WhY? I think it looks cute

  • pinknekophiliac 2 years ago

    I get this look from eating a red Popsicle, lol.

  • unknowndeoxys00 2 years ago

    I’ve learned that the artificially-created gradient lip does not work on
    me. Perhaps it is because I have a boyish face? Idk. However, I do get a
    “natural” gradient lip every time I get out of the shower and my lips need
    some lip balm, and surprisingly that looks kinda cute on me xD

  • FandubSongs1 2 years ago

    i think its easier to apply the lipstick then use the foundation or
    concealer :)

  • You look a bit like Troian Bellisario! (my display pic)

  • Doe Deer 2 years ago

    ik quite a few people don’t care for this look but i like it a lot for some
    reason. idk it just looks really nice to me

  • Actinium Lizard 2 years ago

    I have a thin top lip and plump bottom lip, so I don’t know if this would
    really work for me lol But I do like the look

  • Jennise Thien 2 years ago

    Ure not asian right?

  • Senpai 2 years ago

    My fav was the first one ^^ 

  • Bea Llonador 2 years ago

    you look like yoon eun hye in your thumbnail and in the vid too! i love the
    2nd look =) 

  • georgiegirl5542684 2 years ago

    i feel like it makes you look like your lips are bruised and dry. But what
    ever floats your boat.

  • Asih Ningrum 2 years ago

    I like it..!!!!!

  • Joanna Paola 2 years ago

    Wow this looks so easy but every-time I try, epic fail.

  • anh ha 2 years ago

    why so many pp dislike this vid. she look kinda pretty <3

  • reem megizel 2 years ago

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im trying this

  • April Yson 2 years ago

    i love the second one. 😀 thank you for sharing :v

  • Oh Zitao 2 years ago

    Oh wow, thaaank you for this tutorial I’m looking forward to using it *.*

  • Cristina Sousa 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Ainura Ismagulova 2 years ago

    But why do asians like this lipstick look? Can someone explain it to me! 

  • Yessica Vianey 2 years ago

    Hello what lip os 1,14 min? Please
    Hola disculpen alguien sabe que lip es el del minuto 1,14? Por favor

  • reach kmengduer 2 years ago

    t got this lip when i drink red drink xD R cookie with cheese 

  • Beauty Fortune 2 years ago

    Over all you didn’t look like asian but u have monolid eyes o_0,where r u
    from ? Btw love your tutorial ♡

  • Lily Vang 2 years ago

    you remind me of hayoung from apink … HEHE ! :)

  • 高橋美優輝 2 years ago


  • panhia vang 2 years ago

    Thanks for making this I always try to do it but it always mess up so