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CLICK TO BUY Worry not people with dry skin! Wait till you see my foundation and powder brush 🙂 It will work for all skin types 🙂 I KNOW RIGHT! AMAZING! The products… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • Charlotte Louise 2 years ago

    Just give me new skin its awful patchy, red, dry, spotty,bumpy,freckly :(

  • Tiffany Voon 2 years ago

    what was the foundation he mentioned at 4:27??

  • alida hughes 2 years ago

    Will definitely be trying out the Mac face and body and just a heads up to
    anyone with a shoppers drug mart (I think it might be just Canada ) that
    they have a purple Quo brand sponge for $5.00 its the closest match to the
    beauty blender I’ve found but its acorn shaped. Anyway thank you xoxo

  • Erin Matthew 2 years ago

    My skin doesn’t feel dry at all. If I don’t wear makeup it will often get
    oily around my forehead mostly. But throughout the day, my foundation
    starts looking dry and patchy. It makes my skin look gross. I moisturize
    before my foundation and I’ve even tried not applying powder to see if that
    would help (it didn’t). I use the loreal true match foundation. I’ve used
    it for a while because it matches my skin tone really well. Is this the
    foundation or my skin? 

  • Cutie Caroline 2 years ago

    For some reason whenever I try to wear a primer my bronzer and blush turns
    red like its irritated anyone know why? 

  • yaz z 2 years ago

    I exfoliate and cleanse every night, moisturize, moisturize and prime in
    the morning before foundation. I apply FitMe foundation and pressed but
    over the day it becomes SO dry!!! I don’t even have dry skin -_- i have a
    combo. my nose and mouth areas, the parts that stretch dry up with the
    foundation. It looks really porey and cracked up close,:( I’m a
    perfectionist and although my makeup looks okayish It doesn’t make me feel
    ok! Anyone else? I should try out other foundations but it’s way too much
    of a risk buying one for £40 when it just does the same thing on my face

  • Bridget Lynch 2 years ago

    big and meaty LMFAO!! couldn’t stop laughing at that

  • Sherry Lee 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but I coudnt make out the name of the last foundation you
    mentioned, the one you were wearing in this video. You said you’d do a
    video on it. Your skin looks great. Please anyone? The name?

  • Alice Skiöld 2 years ago

    wow your eyes! what! I want that eyecolour!

  • Liesbeth xoxo 2 years ago

    I do all the tips he mentioned and still always have a patchy foundation at
    the middle/end of the day :/ It’s so frustrating and I don’t know what to
    do about it! I wish there was something you could use to touch up and
    moisturize with throughout the day without getting it cakey

  • ღRynne 2 years ago

    Ahh I’ve been doing everything wrongg >< I've been using that kind of brush for the past year and my skin is super dry around my forehead. It's always caking and flaking off and hopefully changing my brush to the sponge will help a bit

  • vanessaboss66 2 years ago

    Its weird because I have tried so many moisturizers and seconds later after
    I apply them it dries up so fast.. Ive had this problem since I can
    remember. I tried all of cliniques foundations(a miss), mac mineralize skin
    finish(miss) estee lauders double wear which is good but still settles into
    my dry patches. I exfoliate but nothing seems to work :L its good to know I
    am not the only one.

    I tried many primers too, well three.. anyone recommend any? I am afraid to
    experiment because I break out easily.

  • Victoria Taylor 2 years ago

    Please help…. Great video Setting my under eyes huves me cake face 🙁 i
    know i hate it i use mineralize skin finish and still shows all my
    disgusting dryness and lines even the smidgins of it, should i set my
    concealer, if im dry i just dont like my hair sticking to my face. use mac
    studio sculpt its gel based and smells wonderful, what do you make of the
    real technique sponge i cant get it to work for me it either doesnt move
    foundation evenly or it wipes it away 🙁 also what do you nake of the sigma
    f80 in bouncing stippling motions for dry skin. I get terrible dryness by
    my nose on my cheek bones. 

  • Angel Mommy 2 years ago

    I have normal to slightly dry skin.. I exfoliate regularly and moisturize
    like my skin will fall off if I dont.. every time I apply my foundation I
    have been using loreal true match but I have had Lorac foundation mac face
    and body loreal lumi and the Kat von d along with numerous others after
    like 3 hours my foundation starts to get really patchy and cakey looking
    idk what the heck I’m doing wrong… 

  • Jaime Chevron 2 years ago

    If you could help me with my problem I’d be so very grateful! My forehead
    down to between my eyebrows I have what I call “dragon skin” every time I
    use foundation (I’ve used MAC, dermablend, drugstore, etc. I’ve exfoliated,
    used toner, moisturizer, I’ve even mixed moisturizer in with my foundation
    and nothing helps. The forehead down to between my eyebrows always looks
    like I have a bumpy dry cake face no matter how light my hand is at
    applying or how little powder (or no powder at all) I put over my
    foundation (yes I wait for all products to dry before I add another). The
    rest of my face does not have this issue at all. I wish my mother knew what
    sunscreen was when I was growing up! Every imperfection is magnified and
    cakey. It makes me feel like the entire process of my makeup is ruined due
    to this issue. Please gossmakeupartist if you can do a video on this and
    let me know it would be a real life changer for me. If it helps to know I
    am 35 years old. 

  • Hilal Unal 2 years ago

    I recommend Clinique for oily skin blends soo good! Or Lancôme is also very

  • Sonia Khatri 2 years ago

    after trying the most expensive to the cheapest liquid foundations for my
    dry skin, I have finally settled down with the Max Factor Pan Stik
    foundation for Normal/Dry skin. It gives me that luminous effect without
    making me look cakey or even giving anyone a hint that I am wearing any
    base. It is a 10/10 for someone like me who is prone to get flaky.

  • Murielle Jean-Baptiste 2 years ago

    something big and meaty in their hands? my gosh, I blushed ;)

  • anime fan 2 years ago

    When I put foundation on, it looks fine for a while. So I go to school and
    then when I get home and look in the mirror it looks like a bunch of teeny
    tiny bumps like everywhere, especially right above my cheek bones. Is this
    what people are talking about? If not then is anyone else having this
    little situation? Please help, I have nightmares after seeing myself in the
    mirror lol

  • Jessica Angela 2 years ago

    Will definitely try the sponge technique in the morning! Do you have any
    recommendations for drugstore liquid foundations or cream foundations? I
    currently have the Maybelline Fit Me and I love it very much (second bottle
    already). It’s very natural but these days I have had many people say to me
    that I should stop caking it on. I thin the Fit Me down with some argan oil
    and my moisturizer so it has a nicer consistency and application and finish
    but it just isn’t working. I blend it and everything and I love how it
    looks but the minor complaints keep coming.

  • Jamie Cohee 2 years ago

    I naturally have really dry skin, but I’ve tried nearly everything and
    every time before I put my liquid foundation on, I put a face lotion on.
    every time. And after a few hours, it looks like my skin is cracked and
    stuff. I’ve tried nearly everything. Is it just me or my make up?

  • lojeda87 2 years ago

    I have very dry patches on my forehead and the sides of my nose as well as
    some large pores on the sides of my nose and all foundations will show it
    of after a couple hours and they become very flaky on me I had try your
    advise and every foundation you mentioned there and nothing ! I’m on the
    hunt for a medium-full coverage hydrating foundation that doesn’t
    accentuate my dry patches… PLEASEEEEE HELP!!!!

  • Alexis D. 2 years ago

    Don’t cream foundations crease over time?

  • susan scanlon louth 2 years ago

    could someone please tell me what the last foundation was… he says it so
    fast and I cant understand what it’s called. Thanks