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Using hybrid airbrush make-up watch and learn as owner and lead artist of Time Honored Designs creates zombie make-up and shares tips and tricks of the trade. #zombie, #zombie makeup … Video Rating: 5 / 5 this one is definitely bold and out there…but I love it!!!!! this time of year, I’m always experimenting with […]

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  • The best face painting, airbrush tattoos and body painting entertainment in Portland, Or 2 years ago

    check out my zombie tutorial video

  • The best face painting, airbrush tattoos and body painting entertainment in Portland, Or 2 years ago

    happy to share with you my latest how to video on Zombie Make-up.

  • RileyBeauty2000 2 years ago

    This gun looks really hard to apply makeup with. 

  • Akapoklo 2 years ago

    Makeup is used to highlight what you have, not hide what you have. I am
    allowed to voice my opinion, as are others, and this look seems very fake.
    You’re beautiful without makeup.

  • Brittney rossi 2 years ago

    I miss old videos like this trish:( 

  • Madalynn Day 2 years ago

    You’re so pretty without makeup. I wish I had natural beauty like you!

  • Estefani Aguilar 2 years ago

    Real talk tho… this channel is supposed to be a joke right??? Like

  • Bethan Precious 2 years ago

    Aww trish

  • Iris Flores 2 years ago

    You look so beautiful; and I love this look. You seem so sweet; keep it up
    honey and always be yourself when people put you down just ignore those
    idiots! Love ya

  • Rachel Somerville 2 years ago

    Ok, out of that whole 32 minute video the only thing I can think of is who
    the f**k has a bath and a shower?

  • Emma Devoe 2 years ago


  • Keeng Marbulz 2 years ago

    lol this is the first video i watched from trisha. good memories

  • Maria Flores 2 years ago

    Only you could Rock this and not give a Fuck

  • Danielle l 2 years ago

    All these haters show your face and lets see how ugly you must be inside
    and out…your all just jealous clearly. She’s hot sorry…

  • lillian christian 2 years ago

    UM SHE looks pretty!! idc what they say iv seen this look many times an
    just because shes not ur ideal person does not make her look stupid!!! girl
    iv seen this on hundreds of girls so do ur thing….

  • lillian christian 2 years ago

    an if u pay attention she said its aparty look dah!!!

  • Cindy Medina 2 years ago

    I think she’s having a bad time putting those eyelashes on, I never use my
    fingers, I use tweezers, they help so much better and it’s a cleaner
    I have a trick to it too, this may sound scary and weird but all u lady’s
    that put on lashes, glue them under the eyelashes, instead like how she’s
    doing it on the video, put them underneath, not on the waterline, and this
    is great cause it doesn’t even feel like u have anything on, it is very
    comfortable, and it hides the glue line .. you should all try it c:

  • 2CompulsiveObsessive 2 years ago

    She may not be like”Wow, amazing!” But she’s damn adorable I’ll give her

  • Sasja Lohse 2 years ago

    You need to watch some Makeup Do’s & Don’ts.

  • ladyese13 2 years ago

    27:15 lol wtf.

  • emanuela 2 years ago

    Reading all his horrible comments makes me feel sad what kind if world we
    living in a devious one in say ! She’s clearly trying her best and everyone
    learns and improves I don’t see why be so mean I guess behind a screen we
    all can be brave 

  • juanita contreras 2 years ago

    Does anyone else see the damn eyelash glue!?!?

  • Sarah Meny 2 years ago


  • Cindy Medina 2 years ago

    This makeup is not that bad actually, it’s good, but I wouldn’t try it on
    my self, maybe if the shape of it was different , it was too round, but it
    looks Good c: maybe it’s.just different if she didn’t use airbrush. But

  • Ciarra Melton 2 years ago

    You look horrible. I’m so sorry, just ew. This is bad even for an ex

  • Ashton York 2 years ago

    I’m all for dramatic crazy makeup, but airbrush is not that way to do this.
    It’s too hard to control and impossible to blend

  • sophia bodhisatva 2 years ago