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  • diamond 4 hair 2 years ago

    I can curl from scalp to ends, mid-shaft to ends, do feather waves, royal
    waves, drop curls, spirals, barrel, pin curls and all. Tight or loose. I
    can give volume or sleekness, flip out or in. All with one flat iron.

    I do not understand why he claimed you can only curl the ends

  • Hannah Mooney 2 years ago

    Bad bad bad. What an Arrogant man. How can he even call himself a
    hairstylist if he can’t curl with a flat iron? 

  • brandon mayberry 2 years ago

    I hate your videos with him.. I’m sorry but he’s not a very good hair
    dresser to be limiting the use if his tools like that, you can create
    gorgeous ringlets with a flat iron, I could make that model look like
    Shirley temple with a flat iron. Not a good video…

  • Invaderd 2 years ago

    A nice little idea to give you at least to style your hair.

  • Diana Ramirez 2 years ago

    im woowed in how they call themselves “hair stylists” and they have no idea
    what the heck theyre doing.

  • Vee12Mariee 2 years ago

    I’ve only watched 2 videos with him. He always says he doesn’t recommend
    it. I have way longer hair than the model and I not only layer but also
    curl my hair awesomely with a flat iron. You know what I recommend? Know
    what you’re talking about before you try to seem professional and maybe get
    less crappy styling tools LOL 

  • Natalie Campbell 2 years ago

    He’s ballin so much his assistant holds the hair for him lol

  • Jason Fernandes 2 years ago

    WTF? Does he even know what he’s talking about?

  • Rhianne Charles Murphy 2 years ago

    He only curled the bottom…

  • tamiayar 2 years ago

    He real life fucked her hair up ,

  • Maria Contreras 2 years ago

    This video sucks. I’ve been able to make beautiful curls with a

  • eva pascual 2 years ago
  • Amanda Thompson 2 years ago

    I’m 13 and I can do ringlets with a flat iron..

  • kittywittybear 2 years ago

    He’s brutal

  • Kat Ng 2 years ago

    ewww what a snob

  • OCK Gameplays 2 years ago

    the girl is so sweet

  • 1517brittany 2 years ago

    Second 😛 but i think it would be easier with a curling iron or wand….I
    mean it’s not the best. It looks a little frizzy on the ends.

  • Onlylettuce92 2 years ago

    My cousin tried to do this to me the other day and failed.

  • Adrian Preece 2 years ago

    First bitch

  • Киана.0 2 years ago

    4th i got natural curls in my hair

  • nina rai 2 years ago

    C how Stylesuzi did da curls in effective way

  • Sonya Kahlon 2 years ago

    Roof lifter!!

  • Natalie Jatulis 2 years ago

    Ummm thats not how you curl your hair with a flat iron im very good at
    curling hair and ive used a flat iron many times and thats not how you do it

  • Yamy Garcia 2 years ago


  • Adrian Preece 2 years ago

    First bitch