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Pictures & product list on my blog: How to Find the Right Shade/Finish of Foundation: Part 2: How to … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • Crystal Chen 2 years ago

    Do you clean the brush with clear water after?

  • Dhriti Mehra 2 years ago

    Hey, is shany cosmetics good ? It’s apparently this brand but I’ve never
    heard of it.

  • J Hall 2 years ago

    Your really pretty + gorgeous

  • Sweet cherry 2 years ago

    Why do you have to dab the concealer under your eyes and not just rub it in

  • good girl09 2 years ago

    I was wondering… what stick concealer do you think is best? Sticks
    usually work best 4 me.

  • Tessa Warren 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting this! It helps a lot to know that someone can
    help me with my makeup issues!

  • Megan Sass 2 years ago

    what do you do on your nose when it comes To makeup ? Do you use foundation
    on it ? I have been and people have been telling me it’s noticeable. Please
    help thanks(:

  • SheSez The 1 And Only 2 years ago

    OMG ur sooo pretty
    When u have ur makeup on u look exactly like 1 of my school friends…..
    only were only KIDS XD

  • gie omboy 2 years ago

    very informative,,,

  • sandy w 2 years ago

    Thanks so much! I never knew what brush to use for what so I just used any
    brush for anything, lol Your video was so helpful thanks! P,S. Your a cutie
    pie with or without makeup lol.:D 

  • Cynthia Morera 2 years ago

    Why is it important to moisturize before applying the foundation? Also I’m
    having trouble when I apply my foundation I notice some areas seem cakey
    please give me some tips thank you

  • Rachna Allegra 2 years ago

    Thanks! 🙂 I have darker skin, like tanned brown so I need makeup with a
    yellowish base… I have trouble finding makeup by cheaper brands so I
    started using Mac which is amazing! But I still don’t have liquid
    foundation, any tips on buying a good cheap liquid foundation like cover
    girl or something? And a cheap brush for it? 

  • Lilboh Beat 2 years ago

    I just found you and this channel, this the first video of yours that I’ve
    seen, but I really love how you deliver the info, and your tips and stuff,
    too. 🙂
    You just got yourself a new subscriber!

  • Lord Potato 2 years ago

    I’m a beginner and I was wondering if you can give me a list of all the
    makeup in this video
    So I can make a list and buy them :)

  • nhaqifays berrypoops 2 years ago

    If we do not have any blemish or acne to cover up, we only use foundation?
    So we use foundation and powder only? I really dont understand the world of
    make up.

  • Rosalie Marie 2 years ago

    Im just starting to wear makeup and bought some cosmetic sponges to apply
    and spread foundation, however I have noticed most people use brushes
    instead. Does foundation still go on as well with the sponges? Or should I
    get some brushes to put on foundation?

  • Leorix Chong 2 years ago

    great work! keep it up! Subs earned!

  • shahrukh thatai 2 years ago


  • alma grace Ybanez 2 years ago

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Beautiful Healthy Mom 2 years ago

    Great video..Love your hair by the way!!

  • jen decicco 2 years ago

    do you have a series for anti aging makeup? i am 35 and i still have no
    idea how to apply basic makeup, but as i get older my makeup is really
    starting to show my age (like getting concealer in the crows feet, making
    them look worse). you might not, you seem so young, but perhaps?

  • Destini McNeil 2 years ago

    I was wondering what brush you used to apply your pressed powder? 

  • lovesdance!〈3 2 years ago

    How do i find part 2 ?? 

  • Dreaming Momma17 2 years ago

    Very helpful, thanx! I am just starting in this journey….or at least,
    just starting to learn CORRECTLY lol! I have no brushes, but definitely
    need to pick some up. Thanx! Glad I found you!