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Spring is slowly transitioning into summer, so that means it’s time to get your hair looking hot. At Teez Salon, in Omaha, I got mine completely decked out i… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


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  • sydneexo 2 years ago

    i find most people in a beauty trade never have the benefits of their jobs
    (ie. nail girls) lol

  • Carolyn Campbell 2 years ago

    Like most in the business or life of caring for others … rare to have
    time to look after oneself .. they have to live their lives as well! lol

  • sydneexo 2 years ago

    i’m a brunette and i rock red hair like a natural because of my freckles
    aha so its not always true to stay in your natural colour. and i’ve brought
    in photos for colour and cuts for YEARS i’m very specific about my hair and
    i never risk an appointment without a photo ahaha