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Some water-activated black and white makeup can create a skull effect on the face as you erase the nose, paint teeth over the lips and give the face a white pallor. Get professional tips on… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Hey Guys, Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I had so much filming this and if […]

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  • Juan Cintron 2 years ago

    Brutal Juan. Esto lo tiene q ver mucha gente.

  • Kia Thomas 2 years ago

    You should do decor videos to 

  • Julissa's Beauty Tips 2 years ago
  • Daniela Diaz 2 years ago

    OMG loved it!! 

  • CCandNiles4ever 2 years ago

    Another great one girl!!!!

  • HeyGorgeousxxx 2 years ago

    Love your Halloween look doll! Great look for a party, makes me want to go
    home and try it out 😛 Would love if you have a quick look at my beauty
    channel xx

  • Kia Thomas 2 years ago


  • Astrid Florence 2 years ago

    THIS WAS SICKKKK!! This amazing quality tutorial has gotten me to
    subscribe! I have been on youtube for almost a year now and my goal has
    been 1000 subscribers before my year is over. I would really, really
    appreciate if you would subscribe to me or at least check out my videos, it
    would mean the world to me!! thanks & please keep in touch! xx

  • Tyrael Sterling 2 years ago

    You are stunning, you got a like from me 😀
    Come check out my channel if you get a chance XD