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Once you straighten your hair there is still a bit of maintenance that you have to partake in. Take care of hair after straightening with help from a stylist and artist in this free video clip…. Follow me on Twitter! Tired of flat or curly hair? Try straightening it with simple instructions! All you […]

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  • Massiel Tolentino 2 years ago

    You should never put on hair spray after a blow out and especially on this
    the hair will be waved and that’s not good after a really good blowout

  • Poulami Paul 2 years ago

    can hair be permanently straightened in 2 consecutive days?? please help..

  • wippsi 2 years ago

    Wow , you and your hairspray. :b i have dark textured hair , but never EVER
    use hairspray. its so dmging

  • xCiir 2 years ago

    She has bad split ends

  • Maiah Lee 2 years ago

    She need tht trimmed!!

  • Ashley Cole 2 years ago

    She should of used a black person cause a lot of girl that are black don’t
    know how to wrap they hair

  • Gamer Jon 2 years ago

    2 words the fuk?

  • style06com 2 years ago

    @DaDutchGuy95 T__T busy with school lately! I should have time this week

  • Slender Man 2 years ago

    @style06com hahaha thats kinda ironic im fro london and i cant find it in
    my local drug store which are called boots or superdrugs

  • aflexakc 2 years ago

    Do you have to do this every morning? Or does your hair retain each
    “straightening” for a few days?

  • nyatio 2 years ago

    ur accent…

  • style06com 2 years ago

    @MrKnucklez1000 I got it from london drugs, or you can get it from shoppers
    drug mart. Really depends on where you are from… (I’m from Canada)

  • appleloveTK 2 years ago

    I remember in high school, I straightened my hair and everyone loved it,
    but it only looked good for a week, after that I clearly ended up damaging
    it. It was a total fail, now I avoid it..

  • Joshua Wong 2 years ago

    hey! ur hair is really cool! but i was wondering where i can get gatsby
    moving lock spray. ive looked all over the internet! i see none! please
    answer me 🙂

  • Xxadz619xX 2 years ago

    hey your tutorials are great ! thanks a lot man 🙂 your hairstyles are
    really COOL.

  • YourGamingHub 2 years ago

    Great video man, what make is that shirt and where did you get it from?!
    It’s lovely

  • GuitarOcarina64 2 years ago

    So……. So fluffy =”’D

  • OkonoMiyaki 2 years ago

    @style06com Thanks, i will try it out as soon as i can

  • style06com 2 years ago

    serum usually adds a thin layer of oil/shine to your hair, it also acts as
    a heat protectant that allows you to straighten hair with out overheating
    it to the point where it curls.

  • Peter Xiao 2 years ago

    what hair serum did you use?

  • Edward Cavendish 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the response. What do you think of CHI? Do you think it’s

  • Remus Wayne Luis 2 years ago

    Could you review ice water spiker gel glue

  • zel25025 2 years ago

    Pfffffft, you only have your lil’ side burns that are curly… I have my
    ENTIRE hair that’s curly xd

  • UnboxingGameplays 2 years ago

    no homo but you have nice hair!

  • Jearl Price 2 years ago

    Do i really have to blowdry it first, and how often should i do this?

  • Anthony Sumter 2 years ago

    thanks man this really helped for my date xDD lol i love my new
    straightened hair :3

  • Edward Cavendish 2 years ago

    What is the brand of the straightener?

  • Timmayai 2 years ago

    LOL I started when I was 10 and recently I’ve started to question whether
    my hair is healthy or not, and if I should stop straightening my hair. If I
    use hair serum/heat protectant, will it completely stop the hair
    straightener from damaging my hair? Or will it only help lessen the damage?
    Plz and Thanks 🙂

  • TheZettabytetv 2 years ago

    i have super curly afro type hair. what could i try to do to straighten it
    without using a perm.

  • Giorg Tolios 2 years ago

    7:10 hahahahahahahaha

  • style06com 2 years ago

    you dont have to, but is is recommended for short hair