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Hello! I know there is a lot of ‘Special occasion makeup’ tutorials , but most of them include a heavy foundation and arched eyebrows, which, in my opinion, is suitable only for the older ones…. Hi everyone! Here is another look, which is so natural that it will suit everyone! If you need […]

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  • Anne Freedom 2 years ago

    Určitě je lepší, když mluvíš!:) super video, jen tak dál… Přeji ti více
    odběrů!! (a nepíšu v angličtině, protože se nechci ztrapnit, ahah) 

  • Loving Life as Emma 2 years ago

    Cute! Where is your accent from? ;)

  • katrina kat 2 years ago

    Krasavica..kolko rokov mas? tvoju skincare routine prosim si..?:D

  • katka síbková 2 years ago

    Můžu se zeptat, kolik ti je? :D, jinak mooc hezké video :)

  • Summer Medley 2 years ago

    What camera do you use? It’s so great! I loved this simple easy look as
    well (:. Youre so naturally beautiful!

  • Madison Miller 2 years ago

    Such a gorgeous natural make up look. Very classy. I subbed. I have a
    channel too if you want to check it out :)

  • Lisa Marie 2 years ago

    I never thought about using the Baby Lips as a blush! Cool idea!

  • Adela 2 years ago

    Sorry about the bad voice over. I suck at it indeed. 😀 Do you like it
    better when I talk or when there are captions/subtitles only?

  • romochan 2 years ago

    Love it!!!!!! Who ever gave it a thumbs down is crazy!!!!!! Love the music
    and the voiceover 

  • Adriana Pukanská 2 years ago

    Kde si kúpila tu náušnicu na ucho? Nádherná je :D

  • alma leon 2 years ago

    you look like a little doll , so pretty, so jealous of your skin :)

  • Flying Pandas 2 years ago

    Awesome! You earned a new subscriber how do you only have about 300 subs?!
    Good luck on the subscribers

  • Lilunaaa 2 years ago

    were do you come from? 🙂 really nice video

  • CherryBlossomVids 2 years ago

    Awesome makeup!

  • Plastic Fork 2 years ago

    Your dresses are really pretty! 

  • Hotcocoa 2 years ago

    You have a really good camera and put a lot of effort into your videos!
    Good job!

  • Aneta Nováková 2 years ago

    No offence, but why don’t you speak in Czech? 

  • Kiana Moghadam 2 years ago

    If you don’t mind me asking do you live in American or England 

  • Gaëlle Poncelet 2 years ago

    hey 🙂 so I saw your post on roe’s vid and i thought I’ll take a look. I
    was really surprised to see how good your videos where, I thought you were
    going to be one of those fake beauty gurus that think they are so awesome
    when they don’t even know how to put eyeliner hehe, but really I think you
    shouldn’t get discouraged by your views because I think you deserve a lot
    more, you have quality videos and really, it shouldn’t take long before you
    see how many fans you are getting. How so ever if you do not, don’t be sad
    because you are going to get a lot of personal experience about how to deal
    with hate, edit, film etc… Thought, if I could give you an advice, I
    would recommend getting a micro, but they do cost so only do that if you
    have the budget to 🙂 or you could just get one previously used by someone
    on ebay for cheaper I guess :3 Anyway, keep posting on other beauty gurus
    accounts, tell your friends about this, maybe even say it on Facebook idk.
    Ok bye, hopes this helps :)

  • Elizabeth Kalahari 2 years ago

    So cute 

  • Rachel Turner 2 years ago

    You have such natural beauty I love it!

  • kianawithlove 2 years ago

    very pretty. subbed you 🙂 sub back?

  • ridiculousxbohemia 2 years ago

    lovely make-up! x

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @TheTwilightFreak95 I buff foundation on my neck too.. and even in decolte
    area if needed…

  • Makeup By Karen G. 2 years ago

    I would of never thought of mixing my primer with my foundation.. I am
    going to try it tomorrow !! Thanks for the tip !!

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @karen2829 The foundation goes on much more smoothly and is less visible!
    This is my new method, which I totally LOVE 😀

  • soraay 2 years ago

    Gorgous colours, really love the look! Suits my fair olive complexion just
    fine 🙂

  • Sabrina Kara 2 years ago

    Love it. Very natural. really nice.

  • Sahra Sunshine 2 years ago

    How do you fix your eyebrows?

  • Hazyhue 2 years ago

    krasawitza 🙂

  • Novica Jenic 2 years ago

    should we put this makeup even if we are 14,if not can you make a video
    what kind of makeup should girls of year 14 use.Adn i`ve got one question i
    have very sensitive skin so what fondation is best for me?thanke you… PS:
    love your videos.

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @PrinzessinAnaVK Be careful with Clinique. I have many friends including my
    mom, who is allergic to Clinique. As to good and bad brands, then I think
    as long as this brand is sold in a good shop, it is a good brand. In Russia
    and Estonia there used to be bazars long time ago and some people sold
    absolutely no name and “dont know where from” makeup… obviously, this is
    bad… But I personally like different brands for different products..

  • Jourdain WeHunt 2 years ago

    now i have to buy that eye trio!

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @PrinzessinAnaVK Really? This is a common practice, especially if you do it
    professionally! There are several types of brushes available for foundation
    application btw! Why the brush? Have you ever noticed that foundation looks
    uneven on your skin? Like some places dont have foundation at all and other
    are fully packed/? Well, with a brush that never happens! Also, With a
    brush there is a lower probability for a bacteria to get into your pores!
    So you wont have extra spots!!! Pozalujsta 😉

  • chocolate12u 2 years ago

    Lovely look!

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @CuteSweetLuna And the English person will tell you that I have an American
    accent 😀 I think I have absorbed both having lived in both countries 😀

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @x0xLainaxx0x Great to hear that! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Good luck!

  • Mia Wissing 2 years ago

    @BeautifulYouTV aw thank you when you do hat I will have luck =)

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @x0xLainaxx0x Good job! I will get to know if I got the job or not only
    tomorrow 🙂 But I am very happy for you!

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @VeryStunning I did! I passed to another level and in 20 minutes am having
    another one 😀

  • Glaiza B. 2 years ago

    just right make-up for me.. =)

  • Ash R 2 years ago

    @BeautifulYouTV Haha! Whenever I use a darker than my skin tone foundation,
    it always goes wrong!!! 😛

  • Alyson Ben-Yehuda 2 years ago

    Benefit Dallas (Dandelion is the pink one) suits you beautifully!!

  • Mattie Smith 2 years ago

    Fresh and lovely!

  • WithLove2022 2 years ago

    @BeautifulYouTV thanks! I’ll have to look for Sony Vegas!

  • BeautifulYouTV 2 years ago

    @prestigiously We are all beautiful in our own way! 😉

  • MajaGudm 2 years ago

    perfect 🙂 love it! now I have to get that eyeshadow, but it’s not yet
    available in Iceland…so I have to be patient 🙂

  • chefmirmir177 2 years ago

    You used dallas on your cheeks. You seemed unsure so i thought i would
    clear that up for you. I love the look by the way.