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Everything you want to know is right here… Happy Sunday babes! Foundation, Makeup Impressions, and Coverup Related

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  • eatmybubbles 2 years ago

    That product explodes out very easily. Waste of product:(

  • ireland flood 2 years ago

    I recommend dabbing it on your face than run it In . That’s how u get good
    use of the 2 drops 

  • ireland flood 2 years ago

    That foundation is incredible !

  • crysTAL Lewis 2 years ago

    How did you prep your skin What kind or kinds of moisturizer did you use?

  • Petrova Fire 2 years ago

    I have dry AND oily skin, will it still be good for my skin? I’m having A
    LOT of trouble trying to find a foundation that matches my very, very, very
    pale skin WITHOUT having any pink tones in it. So does this foundation have
    pink tones? And your review helped a lot, I got my first paycheck so I’m
    just looking up reviews for this product before I go out buying it.

  • Morgan L 2 years ago

    This was a great, honest review.
    I picked this up a few days ago and have never had a foundation match me
    more flawlessly.. Everyone thinks I’m wearing no foundation!
    My winter color is warm 4, and I had a makeup artist friend come in and
    match me (thank god) because the girls at Senhora are convinced I’m pink
    undertones because of the redness in my skin.. Man are they wrong!
    I’m sure you had a defective bottle because I had no issues getting the
    product out the first time.
    I am an oily girl too and, like I said, this looks super natural, no makeup
    makeup look on me.
    I don’t like matte foundation, but it will be odd to get used to touching
    up throughout the day, but the benefits of this way outdo the negatives..
    My skin is becoming flawless even without the foundation! Now That alone is
    worth it. 

  • TheLadyPwnage 2 years ago

    The brush is a waste of money just use the foundation alone with your usual
    brush. I recommend putting powder on top

  • nil lord 2 years ago

    best foundation i ever used stay all day long i use smashbox water primer
    under it last so long also not left line around my mouth love love and its
    good for your skin and other foundation broke me this one amazing

  • Tracy Timberlake 2 years ago

    Lol I had the same problem with my bottle. Like it was clogged or
    something. Weird. And yea..2 drops? Idk whose face that would cover lol. 

  • Anto Terese 2 years ago

    Some advice from a Bare Minerals employee:

    Most bottles do not have a problem, however some have been having package
    issues. Don’t hesitate to exchange your bottle. BM is good about paying
    attention and will probably fix this prob on its own.

    Oily skin- should use less! Less REALLY Is more! Also, set the foundation
    with a setting powder to extend wear and eliminate extra oil. Use the brush
    and lightly continue to blend the foundation on your face. Promise it will
    continue to blend onto the face!!

    (I posted an extensive review on my channel if anyone wants to see)

    Hope this helped 🙂 

  • The BookWormerr 2 years ago

    you seriously look like Khloe Kardashian!

  • Priscilla Nieto 2 years ago

    That brush looks so small that I would replace it and use the tried and
    true Sigma f80 that every guru knows about and dot the foundation onto your
    face with your fingers before blending. 

  • Kaylan Flowers 2 years ago

    You can tell if you have a cool tone or a warm tone by checking your veins.
    Hold your wrist up to natural light if it is bluish your cool tone and if
    its greenish your warm tone. I bought this stuff and i bought the bare
    satin because i am cool tone. And it matches perfectly. I would always have
    to use 2 different shades just to get the color closes to my skine tone and
    now i do not have to. I am completely happy with this product. 

  • Rylee Haught 2 years ago

    I’ve had issues with the bottle like squirting everywhere and sometimes not
    even coming out, lol I feel you… Hopefully they up their packaging with
    their next liquid foundation

  • Heather Belle 2 years ago

    What lashes are you wearing girly? or can anyone tell me?! I MUST have
    them! hehehehe! <3 xx

  • JupiterJulia 2 years ago

    It applies very streaky for me? I have the brush they recommend, I’m not
    sure if I’m doing it wrong or what haha. Great review!

  • Fabulous Jon 2 years ago

    I feel like the brush is a little unnecessary. I just use an elf flat
    headed powder brush to blend everything out. It actually gives you faster
    fuller coverage if you put it on your skin in dots and blend it out with
    the powder brush than putting it into the dented brush and then spreading
    it out. 

  • nik1128 2 years ago

    I’m so on the fence with this foundation. I have very oily skin with
    certain dry spots on my cheeks and it was very noticeable over the dry
    spots no matter how much I moisturized but on the rest of my face, it
    looked great and flawless. I do notice I have to use my blotting strips a
    lot more though and when I do, the makeup seems to rub off and cake up. I’m
    going to give this a shot for a little while longer I guess. IDK.

  • Leticia LePuff 2 years ago

    I used to use the BM powder foundation but got sick of cleaning my bathroom
    everyday, the powder would go EEEVERYWHERE! I am curious to try this
    foundation but 1) I have oily skin and 2) I don’t like dewy finish (and you
    did look kinda dewy to me?) Thanks for the review though, it looked very
    nice on you!! You are goregous! xoxo

  • TheCandyShow 2 years ago

    You must have a bumm bottle – I got this and it came out just as it should.

  • Gihan Rachid 2 years ago

    This is the best foundation ever! It makes your skin look so beautiful and
    when you take it off your skin looks even better than before. I can’t get
    enough of it! Best for dry/ combination skin though. The brush is a waste
    of money don’t need it. 

  • Alexis Dibkey 2 years ago

    When I bought this, the Sephora worker told me they go by half face. So 2
    drops for one half and so on… hope this helps someone!

  • callie brown 2 years ago

    i have super oily skin like all over my face and alot of oil i hated this
    it rubbed off never set and yes i used a powder and more powder…. but I

  • Raianne Chains 2 years ago

    This foundation clings to my face even without dry spots and it makes my
    face look really dry. There is no glow or dewy look to it at all.