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  • ERIKA KONSZYNSKI 2 years ago

    Costa is a known place, isn�t it, isn�t it? So if they want a coffee
    somewhere they know, rather than a place that actually offers good coffee �
    that�s the main risk.

  • Dylan Ecott 2 years ago

    Inside, around 45 people are having an animated discussion about the
    imminent arrival of the ever-expanding coffee chain.

  • Jarek Nowak 2 years ago

    It wasn�t just about the fact that we didn�t want a large chain, or not
    damaging our pretty market town � it�s actually that they�re like Tesco,�
    says Northrop.

  • Denis Domi 2 years ago

    The local MP is Sarah Wollaston, the non-conformist Tory most renowned for
    her opposition to Andrew Lansley�s changes to the NHS � and she is in full

  • iRickHD 2 years ago

    At a time when many businesses are closing, we are one of the success
    stories of British business, creating jobs right across the UK.

  • Fuck2Copyright 2 years ago

    Lamaro�s cafe looks posh, but is way cheaper than the multiples: a regular
    cappuccino is �2, and a slice of his delicious marble cake comes in at �1.

  • Da Bishops 2 years ago

    In February 2010, a local wholefood business called Greenlife moved out of
    the High Street, to new premises on the town�s market square.

  • itheporterzZ 2 years ago

    He�s been in Totnes for four and a half years, having run the catering
    department at the HQ of the Met Office, in Exeter.

  • Christine VanOrman 2 years ago

    Most pertinently, the town has 42 independently run outlets that serve
    coffee, and � so far � not a single branch of any of the big
    caffeine-selling multiples.

  • Djordje Djukanovic 2 years ago

    We can have them a couple of hundred yards apart on a really busy high
    street, then another at a retail park and another at the station.

  • Lola Siccou 2 years ago

    And if people are in a new place, a lot of people think: �I�m not going to
    try the unknown � I�m going to go somewhere that I recognise.

  • owenmftmb 2 years ago

    He glances up the street, towards a pub-cum-music-venue-cum-cafe called the
    Barrel House, and down towards the premises where Costa will soon pitch up.

  • SIriya Rath 2 years ago

    A fully owned subsidiary of the food and hospitality conglomerate
    Whitbread, it currently operates 1,400 British outlets, and recently
    announced plans for 350 more.

  • Nathan Smith 2 years ago

    They�re killing time in the market square and their lives, they tell me,
    are split between education, gap years and low-end jobs.

  • Arbey Gonzalez 2 years ago

    The local record shop, Drift, is mind-bogglingly great: the kind of place
    that you�d think was amazing if you found it in New York.

  • John Sparow 2 years ago

    By way of walking off the effects of so much coffee, I decide to do a few
    unscientific vox pops � which is when I meet some of the people I�ve just
    been talking about.

  • antonio fernandez 2 years ago

    For example, we work with a family run bakery to produce our cakes, with
    dedicated dairy farmers for our milk and use British meat in our savoury