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  • Beauty By Char 2 years ago

    oh my dear lord, you look totally flawless with and without makeup! do you
    have acne prone skin or is your skin just naturally clear?

  • Taylor K 2 years ago

    Its so hard for me to watch girls like you with flawless skin to put on

  • radmakeupxfashion 2 years ago

    you should be a model & did you dye your hair darker shade of blonde than
    usually or is that lighting?

  • Anna Dragonetti 2 years ago

    You’re so beautiful I’m really emotional rn

  • bindlebeautyx 2 years ago

    you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen wth

  • Destiny Torres 2 years ago

    u look exactly the same like im not exagerating at all u look hands down
    the exact same

  • simply_kenna 2 years ago

    ugh I envy you

  • karena supra 2 years ago

    U look sooooo much like inka williams!!!

  • sassyharry 2 years ago

    you look like cody simpson’s sister 🙂 

  • foreign_98 2 years ago

    Finally a natural everyday makeup routine!!! 

  • Amrit Basi 2 years ago

    Agh You have the best taste in music! BTST is my jam! <3

  • Aiko Camilla 2 years ago

    Youtubers like truebeutie inspired me to start a youtube channel and i have
    just created my everyday makeup video too! Is anyone wanting to give
    feedback on my videos?? Thank you <3 xx

  • Mrs Meldrum 2 years ago

    Just subscribed to you! How are you 15! Beautiful girly!

  • Janeeoo 2 years ago

    She looks like a mixture of miranda kerr and kate moss. 

  • Jovana M. 2 years ago

    You look like the younger version of jenny from hard times of rj burger

  • taryn jewel 2 years ago

    Please tell me the secret to having perfect skin like you I think we would
    all like to know 

  • adriana moreira 2 years ago

    what is the first song???

  • Carae Henry 2 years ago

    You are actually the most beautiful person I have ever seen, like nobody
    even compares to you. Your skin is like, flawless. It’s unreal and your
    video was actually awesome.

  • beautybaby12 2 years ago

    what nail color is that? I’ve got to have it haha

  • yahee122 2 years ago

    are you the human form of tinkerbell?

  • xXGraniniXx 2 years ago

    whats the name of the song in the outro ?

  • abbiinwond3rland 2 years ago

    Gawwh. your so pretty, what shade of foundation do you use? 

  • Nanshy 2 years ago

    Everyday #Makeup Routine by Gemma Howe ♡

  • Kang Sara 2 years ago

    Annasophia robb is a youtuber now?