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please don’t forget to subscribe لا تنسين الاشتراك فالقناه الاصوات الموجوده في المقطع من فم الانسان وهذا رابط: http://www.youtub… hi everyone, here I show you how I’m actually doing my makeup everyday. It’s really simple, no big brands AND it’s also on the go! Hope you enjoy xxx QOD: What’s your favourite quote ? … […]

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  • shrouq saeed 2 years ago

    فيديو جميييل 

  • Aysha Mtngra 2 years ago

    الفاونديشن مـטּ بورجوه

  • alyazia alamri 2 years ago
  • ريم 2 years ago

    أششكرك ع الفيديو لكن عندي سؤال الفونديشن من اي شركه

  • Alyaziam 2 years ago


  • cutelulu73 2 years ago

    لاايك وسبسكراايب

  • Shahad Elf 2 years ago


  • katami 2 years ago

    Thanks love <3

  • jojo sama 2 years ago

    اكتبي اسماء المنتجات بليييييز =)

  • Remi Pageau 2 years ago

    Lol je te l’avais dit que j’irais regarder tes vidéos youtube 😉 – ton
    copain de sociologie

  • cathiecrush2 2 years ago

    new videoo, my makeup routine ! I go to college so I need a quick makeup I
    can do and that will last all day. Also, this makeup I do every morning
    looks super natural and makes my skin flawless !

    Anyways….you must check this video out 😉 thank youu xxxx

  • ThroughTheFistsImade 2 years ago

    ohh hahaha!! Great vid/s hunny xx

  • ThroughTheFistsImade 2 years ago

    Where in France are you from? (if u are…) LOVE France 🙂

  • ThroughTheFistsImade 2 years ago

    I loved it 😉 Great editing – ur makeup look vids are great!!!

  • cathiecrush2 2 years ago

    I’m not from France at all 😉 I’m from Canada ! xx

  • ark02yt 2 years ago

    great vid 🙂

  • Jade Dakota 2 years ago

    im pretty sure i saw some of your videos from a few years ago… did you
    delete any videos since then? (you look great now by the way)