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OPEN FOR MORE INFO! What I’m Wearing: Sweater – Brandy Melville. WHAT TO WATCH NEXT – OOTW –… Related

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  • Savannah Fields 2 years ago

    I definitely want to get those organizers! And holy blushes!!

  • likewhoa 2 years ago

    clinique morning burst? haha. <3

  • Alex Rinehart 2 years ago

    Those little bins for the drawer are super cool! Great idea for organizing
    your makeup!

  • allylovesmakeup21 2 years ago

    I don’t care I love it!

  • Hillary 2 years ago

    p.s. i LOVEEE nars sheer glow!!!!

  • kia. k 2 years ago

    what necklace are you wearing?

  • xxBrilliantBeautyxx 2 years ago

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  • candidcait 2 years ago

    Wow, lots of self control: especially on the nail polish! haha Every time I
    pack up for college, I end up bringing 20+ polishes to my dorm room. Oops.

  • jordynrebeccaXO 2 years ago


  • Paprika 2 years ago

    (stare at the only blush I bring to collage

  • Hillary 2 years ago

    ahhhh I love!!!! Mine ends up getting thrown in my top dresser drawer next
    to by bed hahah wooops! hope you’re doing well 😉 xoxo

  • glorieta03 2 years ago

    Use bluetack to fix the containers to the drawers, it works!!

  • kaylabarbiegurll 2 years ago

    can you tell me a couple thing about your major? 🙂 I’m sort of curious
    since i’m not sure what I want to major in college yet /:

  • kid Brez 2 years ago

    Hello 🙂 what is ur hair routine like ? Thanks in advance (:

  • beautyisgood 2 years ago

    where’s your benetint?! haha love your vids! 🙂