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Everything you want to know is right here… Hi babes! Are you guys going to any music festivals this year?!? What’s your favorite?? I found all these sticky jewels in my stash and knew instantly… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Thank you for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Business Inquiries: Instagram & Twitter: @makeupbydg Sigma Brushes: LA […]

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  • VICKYLOGAN 2 years ago

    I NEED that powder brush! does anyone know which it is?

  • PatrickStarrr 2 years ago


  • Aryanna Rose 2 years ago

    Anyone want to colab on a Coachella inspired video?? xoxo

  • Theresa Blueberry 2 years ago


  • Chelsea Burroughs 2 years ago

    Just curious, have you been to Coachella? When I went I couldn’t keep a
    stitch of makeup on my face. It’s so insanely hot and your squished between
    sweaty bodies all day long if you’re having any fun! Plus people spray
    water into the crowd.

  • Beautymarqued 2 years ago

    Lovin your backdrop 

  • marija 2 years ago

    why are people messing the indian culture with this festival.. this is not

  • beccs5050 2 years ago

    Nicole….don’t read the comments!!! Its just a bunch of a girls
    complaining and arguing with each other. Unless you’re entertained by that
    stuff like I am hehe :P

  • Riya Maddie 2 years ago

    The reason people have such a problem with people who do not know the
    cultural significance behind bindis is because when for example a hindu
    person were to wear it, it would not be socially acceptable, he or she
    would be made fun of. However, when a white girl wears it, she is applauded
    for her “daring” fashion statement and suffers no consequences. It’s not
    just jewels on your face, it’s a Hindu tradition for new brides. 

  • Jamie Hall 2 years ago

    Nicole writes ‘143’ at the bottom of her description in many videos. Anyone
    know the significance? I’m curious

  • fauxeditor 2 years ago

    Honestly Nicole, who is wearing all this makeup to a music festival?
    Especially lashes? It’s so hot and muggy and muddy most places. 

  • JAYALAKSHMI IYER 2 years ago

    to everyone giving nicole flak on her choice to use bindis as decoration, i
    would like to say please stop! i am a hindu and yes bindi has many
    religious meanings and symbolisms but we ourselves use it as decoration
    numerous times. d colored silver bindis like the ones nicole is using are
    for decoration purposes only. and as a real sensible hindu i would never
    get offended if sumone wore bindis. and like sumone in the comments below
    said, culture is meant for sharing and i personally feel good when i see
    people from different places acknowledging mine! 

  • adriana Cervantes 2 years ago

    So gorgeous. You reminded me of Selena Quintanilla in this video, can you
    do a inspired makeup tutorial of her :)

  • okaybyenow 2 years ago

    Seriously I had to grab my laptop just to read these people after seeing
    the comments on my phone. YES it is cultural appropriation, YES it is
    wrong, YES it is still disrespectful even if “YOU” aren’t offended or don’t
    understand why it is offensive. If you think “she can do whatever she wants
    stop being sensitive!” then that just truly shows what type of character
    you have and I wonder if you care about anything. The bindi is a commonly
    misappropriated cultural tradition that Nicole is old enough and on social
    media enough to be aware of, and she should have educated herself prior.
    She has the responsibility to do this, as we all have responsibilities with
    our jobs.

    Culture is NOT meant to be broken down to the shiny pretty bits and pieces
    to be passed around the world, that has never been the purpose of culture,
    it is not about sharing. It is a serious issue and if you don’t think it
    is, then that’s your own problem, but don’t try to diminish the feelings of
    us Southeast Asians and Indians who are hurt by this.

  • samlollipop 2 years ago

    Lol she puts in a bindi and everyone gets all offended but no one does when
    Miley Cyrus, Gwen stefani, vanessa hudgens, Katy perry, Kylie Jenner, or
    any of these other celebrities do it? Lol wow

  • Safinaz Hassan 2 years ago

    I think the blue background is depressing people so much lol that they
    think jewels on a forehead has anything to do with a Bendi. All these
    YouTubers were doing Arab culture looks and no Arab complained or felt
    offended. Do you Nicole! ❤️

  • Stefani Tsitsos 2 years ago

    Love this !!! It’s like can I please be coachella

  • Jade Kartel Music 2 years ago

    Is that foundation good coverage?

  • zanga123 2 years ago

    what is that cool little tool you use to apply your lashes????????? I have
    never seen that before!!!

  • rose schrooder 2 years ago


  • Lynette McGhee 2 years ago

    Does anyone know what BRUSH she used for the powder & bronzer ?????

  • Andi S 2 years ago

    anything about appropritation you would know that Nicole cannot do this
    because she is not a part of Dominate culture( she is half Argetinian). 

  • aliciasbeauty 2 years ago
  • amber dean 2 years ago

    So, I’m lost. If I were to stick adhesive jewels to my face, it’s
    offensive? Even if I just like sparkly things on my face and it has nothing
    to do with anyone’s culture whatsoever? Seriously, this world is offended
    by everything these days. You can never make everyone happy. Do you
    whatever you want on YOUR face!!! That’s the bottom line.

  • Aisha Awale 2 years ago

    sad to see the cultural appropriation in this video and even sadder to see
    people in the comments trying to justify it. Cultural appropriation is NOT
    ok and if you try and justify it, you’re just proving how privileged you
    are. Indian woman and other WOC get harassed daily for embracing their
    cultural backgrounds and attire so people thinking its ok to make it a
    “fashion trend” truly saddens me. I love you Nicole but I also stand
    against cultural appropriation. 

  • Missphotogenic Baby 2 years ago

    Love this look on you. Omg it’s giving me life

  • Carolyne S. 2 years ago

    You’re just SO TALENTED. I can’t get over it. *.*

  • LaFashionista518 2 years ago

    This look is beautiful. 🙂 new subscriber. 

  • Jennica Hurley 2 years ago

    God you are beautiful, never stop conveying your talent!!!!

  • Donovan Gibb 2 years ago
  • BeautyLikeMaureen 2 years ago


  • Tee Scott 2 years ago

    wow amazing I really like this xoxo

  • Colleen Adamski 2 years ago

    Love the inglot liners but mine seem to be drying up. What can I add to
    bring them back to life and make them more creamy again.l? 

  • ShominaMUA 2 years ago

    You are incredible….Love Love Love. Such an inspiration x

  • agentbiteme19 2 years ago

    If you have the Maybeline The Nudes palette, could you do a look with
    that?? (:

  • WowzureMakeup 2 years ago

    Aww babes. I love you. I got an external drive after mine crashed best
    investment. Back everything up on that. Saved me 

  • Brittney Wilkinson 2 years ago

    I have an interview with MAC this week & watching you made me feel a lot
    less nervous & more determined thanks for being inspiring & fierce

  • sharon kawonga 2 years ago


  • Stephanie Starkey 2 years ago

    Can you do a skin care routine? 

  • cindyl00wh00 2 years ago


  • CheyanneLA 2 years ago

    gawd damn. g o r g e o u s.

  • I swear you can pull off anything, love it ❤️

  • kristen mccall 2 years ago

    Gorgeous wise words of wisdom

  • meroz shihab 2 years ago

    U r so beautiful than me hhhhhhhhhh u r amazing

  • Nonitta999 2 years ago

    which false lashes did you use ?

  • orlease malabre 2 years ago

    lovely hun, continue to grow all the best

  • JessiLove 2 years ago

    looooves it!<33333333333

  • moona XxX 2 years ago

    this look reminds me of a sunset with white clouds lol

  • Drama Queen 123 2 years ago

    Beyond Gorgeous !! Love it 

  • Sj judith 2 years ago

    Soooooo amazing!