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awesome bridal and wedding shoot by our makeup and photography students. Just my personal advice and experiences getting together Models, Makeup artists and hairstylists for planning a photoshoot! follow me INSTAGRAM: ‪http://www….‬ Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • Academy of Design 2 years ago
  • AudioTechinca 2 years ago

    As a male photographer (i mean im only like 18 and ive been shooting for
    like 10 months) i always take a good (girl) friend of mine to be the
    assistant but also to kinda break the ice with the model, because ive never
    worked with a pro model and its sometimes hard to get a good expression
    from not experienced models and especially if you dont know each other, so
    you need to make them feel comfortable
    uughh… humans are weird xD

  • keehjm 2 years ago

    I love your work n videos but just a question. Actually I m in a similar
    situation like you, I mean I am graduated in graphic design as well but I m
    definitely more interested in photography, so here is my question. How did
    you manage to get a model and make up artist and hairdesigner for your very
    first fashion shoot because I assume you didn t have any portfolio or
    shoots related to this kind of work right?
    Anyway keep going it guides not only me but a lot of people who d like to
    take the same path :)

  • Charity Baumann 2 years ago

    if this is an inappropriate question let me know but… since no money is
    exchanged with models for your shoots. how do you make money with your
    photography? you better make money from this cause you’re amazing at it!!
    <3 and I would just love more tips on posing, I have posing block during
    shoots I swear! and I love love love your behind the scenes videos! 🙂
    thank you for sharing!

  • CC Costea 2 years ago

    Can you, the model, or the hair&make-up artist use the images, for example
    to publish in a magazine? 

  • Andrew Tang 2 years ago

    Love you videos Jessica. Keep it up!

  • Nicole Love 2 years ago

    How long are your photo shoots sections…

  • SandraSaysStuff 2 years ago

    I would be interested in hearing how you used to do this back when you just
    started out and how you began putting together examples of your work back
    when you had none. I ask this because I’m an amateur at photography and up
    until now I’ve mostly shot scenery and objects, but I’m interested in
    shooting portraits. How did you get started with portraits. I love your

  • noemigrattugia 2 years ago

    Love your videos! Could you do a tips for wedding photoshoot or family
    photoshoot video? :)

  • Jessica Kobeissi 2 years ago
  • Kyra Staudt 2 years ago

    Nice video! I would rather contact models on my own, since sometimes the
    agency mixes stuff up

  • Maryam K 2 years ago

    “Khalass that’s it” lool xD 

  • Louis Chahla 2 years ago

    that’s so funny يعني بالعربي خلاص
    I love your videos thank you for sharing!