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Bridal Makeup


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  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @pammyglo1 You are absolutely right!

  • bslove1016 2 years ago

    Every bride should watch this, it would definitely calm their nerves. You
    are awesome and I can’t wait for the tutorial of the look in this vid.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  • ree shanti 2 years ago

    Great video, good advice, you’re beautiful and your voice is lovely. Just
    subscribed! Thank you!!

  • feminista29 2 years ago

    unrelated question… out of curiosity, what camera do you use to make your
    tutorials? they always looks so great and clear. many tutorials i find tend
    to be a bit grainy or the lighting isn’t right and its hard to see what
    they’re doing. anyway, love your videos and thanks for sharing them with
    us!! 🙂

  • Nicole Kristian 2 years ago

    You look sooooooooooooo beautiful in this video. These are great tips and I
    do makeup for weddings haha Thanks Shae! Xo

  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @malzg why thanks darling!

  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @linda221094 its on my blog in my Bridal Look #1 post 🙂 link in the bottom

  • catewa 2 years ago

    This isn’t a “wedding makeup” question. But 1 of my friends’ is a senior in
    high school this year, she invited me to her prom along with my other
    friend cuz we never had prom at our HS, I was wondering, does Mac do the
    “Prom Day Makeup” or would it be easier to just have them do the trial,
    then I could ask for a face chart, & do it myself on the prom day??

  • princessdiamond123 2 years ago

    Such good advice, I was married July 1,2010 in Paris Las Vegas and I did
    not want to sweat or have my eyeliner/mascara to run,etc.), I wore mild
    makeup(gold shimmery eyeshadow, arched eyebrows and a lil blot of matte red
    lipstick,lil powder foundation, no shiny lip glosses for Vegas a big no-no
    4me) I looked very natural,soft&angelic in my Grecian Goddess strapless
    dress,my hair full of medium sized curls with veil,tiara,jewels etc.,and
    our Wedding photos came out beautiful&classy!!

  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @bslove1016 aw thanks so muuch!!

  • livin4jc3 2 years ago

    @catewa Just set up an appointment with them for it. Make sure you have a
    budget to buy at least a few of the products at least. You don’t need to
    buy everything they use. You should be fine.

  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @Heathurrrxx thanks love~!

  • linda221094 2 years ago

    Love it <3...Yu look absolutely beautiful ..Can you please tell me what you
    are wearing on your lips?:P I'v been looking for that exact colour for a
    loooooooong time 😛

  • saraheb 2 years ago

    I think the key is that you have to look your best, but it shouldn’t be
    like “who’s that chick in white coming down the aisle?” And you nailed it
    🙂 And I got up at 1 AM to watch the wedding.

  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @janeandalec i completely agree with you! OMG wasnt it gorg??? it was like
    a real life fairytale!

  • 32719971 2 years ago

    @CHRiSTiNAbeez where did you get that idea? I didn’t hear her say anything
    like that

  • Hyper Pyper 2 years ago

    What video editor do you use?

  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @Hiperpiper456 Adobe Premiere Elements 9 🙂

  • Tracey Gillies 2 years ago

    sorry you talk to much

  • linda221094 2 years ago

    @YellowCheapers I agree with you..Weddings should be about the love..not
    the dress and stress that goes with it 😛

  • SETB1 2 years ago


  • ohhbeauty 2 years ago

    are you engaged? xx

  • ThatGirlShaeXo 2 years ago

    @Heathurrrxx good!! I absolutely love hearing that, it saves so much money
    and u prob know just as much as any old makeup artist just from watching
    videos!! thats how i learned anythinggg i know

  • CHRiSTiNAbeez 2 years ago

    woah woah woah woah woah waitttt. YOUR GETTING MARRIED?!

  • ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑ ΚΑΝΑΚΑΡΗ 2 years ago

    Very helpful tips! I think you’ll be a very beautiful bride… 🙂