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This video is about Beauty 101 How to PROPERLY Set Your Concealer Under Your Eyes! هل تجدين أن الكونسيلر يتجمّع ويتبقّع خلال النهار، اكتشفي الطر… Related

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  • Gianna Gi 2 years ago

    I could not find that Guerlain product on their website, could you share
    the link? thanks x

  • Coco Lili 2 years ago

    I wish I could use this method but my skin just doesn’t like powder aka

  • ang el 2 years ago

    For the love of Allah please stop w.e face procedures you currently do or
    are planning to do. Your cheeks and lips are really looking artificial and
    plastic looking. Your bottom lip is dragging your whole face downward and
    make it look super bottom heavy / droopy.

  • Wiu Wii 2 years ago

    Not a hater but she really does look so plastic

  • Kel Edit 2 years ago

    Hi Huda I am so insecure about my nose and your ‘fake a nose job video’ you
    did a couple of years ago gave me so much hope that I could temporarily fix
    my nose insecurities with make up. I noticed you deleted the video and now
    your nose looks so different? It would be great if you could do a video
    about your nose job if you’ve had one as it’s something I have thought
    about so would be great to hear your experience. 

  • Zoha Khan 2 years ago

    Whats her snapchat, btw great tips as usual

  • Madeline Montalvo 2 years ago

    Oh lord that’s a ton of makeup. 

  • Makeupby Nayeli 2 years ago

    It sucks to have dry skin, I can’t set my under eyes because of that

  • Esra Erol 2 years ago

    The method is actually very good and stops concealer from creasing BUT for
    dry skin,like mine, this is going to look caky and suuuperdry! I always
    moisturise my under-eye area and I tried a lot of different brands but
    nothing will help preventing the cakiness! I need help 🙁 

  • jessmalik12 2 years ago

    I don’t understand why you people care as to what she does to her face,
    like its her face not yours. Let her do whatever she wants, just like you
    do whatever you want with yours. Pinches viejas envidiosas.

  • Ángel Nych 2 years ago

    Huda i love watching you on snapchat 

  • She has cheeks like the jigsaw puppet from the saw movie 

  • fatima ali 2 years ago

    i have been stressing so much recently about setting my concealer, this
    video is a godsend and a wonderful coincidence because its exactly what i
    needed x

  • Natalie Iozzo 2 years ago

    what under eye concealer did you use? 

  • Akbota Cl 2 years ago

    Masallah masallah

  • Jenni1lovelove 2 years ago

    Ok Huda I’m loving the Intro music. I see you !!

  • Fulla Ahmad 2 years ago

    How ur lips stay like healthy and moisturizing all the dryness at

  • Ms.BeautyRoyalty 2 years ago

    Amazing video!!

  • maryam parkins 2 years ago

    it looks so creased and its not blended I can see lines. too much make up
    very cakey

  • Damascena Vir 2 years ago

    Beautiful Huda! It’d be nice if you could do a few eye makeup videos
    without colored contacts. Your brown eyes are super pretty and it would
    be interesting to see how you accentuate them in your own way. Either way,
    love your videos! :)

  • Roxy Moh 2 years ago

    Plzzzzz tell us who’s the doctor who did ur nose job u deleted that video
    two years ago!! Please darling xoxo 

  • amona talaat 2 years ago

    You are pretty but please don’t put alot of concealor it’s really bad for

  • Wonder_Ana 2 years ago

    What color foundation do you use in Mac?

  • Nancy Nabeel 2 years ago

    toooooo much plastic surgery her mouth omg she was pretty before damn
    plastic surgery ….