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Kids face painting with sticks. Batman makeup for kids in carnaval or birthdays. More makeup ideas for children: Subscribe to our Youtube. Hey guys its Lolo Loveless(: allot of peple have asked me how i do my hair+makeup. so here you all go ­čśÇ enjoy, comment, and check out other videos. Video Rating: 4 […]


For Kids


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  • Chouchi Classe 2 years ago

    This is a Make up for KIDS ! OK that not representing batman EXACTLY but is
    just for kids who are 3 ! (sorry if i make mistakes in english i’m french)

  • jerman2003 2 years ago

    The spiderman was better then this.

  • Jane Kim 2 years ago


  • Anss95 2 years ago

    why didn’t you do this on a kid of age 12 or something ?

  • kojamer Bman 2 years ago

    she is fucking crying you most stop this at once

  • esliek 2 years ago

    Why are you doing this to a girl? omg.

  • May Chirico 2 years ago

    thumbs up if the little girl is cute

  • GabbyObertanWTF 2 years ago

    thats fuckin shite u bus wanke

  • Jaylo Floyd 2 years ago

    You look really pretty.´╗┐

  • Alexis Liscio 2 years ago

    That looks really good!! ´╗┐

  • sage maga├▒a 2 years ago

    Your domb you dont use a boby pin for eye liner are eye shawdow´╗┐

  • Mehgan. Coeh. 2 years ago

    Sorry but your scene hair sucks ´╗┐

  • dai kirai 2 years ago

    post now fuck me up youtube´╗┐

  • Jazmyn Martin 2 years ago

    You look awesome like that. Fuck other people, man I hate people who are
    negative. Be you, being you will make you happy´╗┐

  • Rebecca Amos 2 years ago

    love urself´╗┐

  • Courtney ShadowDreamer 2 years ago

    Super cute <3 dont worry what other people say, I think its adorable ­čśÇ ´╗┐

  • Avril Jackson-Senpai 2 years ago

    I’m darker then I seem but I understand that It’s hard for black
    girls/white girls to look at girls like; Helena Homicide, Paige Taylor, and
    ect. and want to be like them..I’ve used so much make up and stuff on my
    hair that I’m only slightly happy with but I get the feel of wanting to be
    “Scene.” It’s something only some people can pull off but I think people
    look good no matter what color they are or what they are! c: just be who
    you are/want to be and people should except that. If you can’t deal with
    who she wants to be then keep it to yourself. I think you’re pretty either
    way! She can listen to whatever music she wants, she can be who she wants,
    she can do that she wants. Okay? Good..glad we got that all worked out.


  • Queen Annihilation 2 years ago

    What r the two eyelines u were using? Message me!´╗┐

  • MoonLight Path 2 years ago

    Not trying to sound mean im really but when u put that in the front you
    shoulda cut it´╗┐

  • Ender Cat 2 years ago

    Song: Bring Me To Life
    By: Evanescence
    ´╝ł´╝ż¤ë´╝ż´╝ë ´╗┐

  • Msfilm Phene 2 years ago

    u r so pretty! ´╗┐

  • acetrinity18 2 years ago

    Amazing… Dumb keyboard´╗┐

  • Kia Dupris 2 years ago

    Your fake #justsayin´╗┐

  • acetrinity18 2 years ago

    A making!!´╗┐

  • Lena Motionless 2 years ago

    I actually love this video ÔŁĄ

  • shannon hamilton 2 years ago

    They sell them at the beauty and hair shop

  • 00lolochan00 2 years ago

    GO FOR IT!!! And I did use clips for my extensions (:

  • iiRuby !! 2 years ago

    Plzzzzz tell me where did you get the extentions Dx?

  • Dlack Bick 2 years ago

    Gurrl u black u should be bumpin 2 chainz and twerkin not listening to
    evanecense and doin scene hurr

  • Molly Loves 2 years ago

    The bobby pin idea never thought of that thank youuu

  • Dana Green 2 years ago

    Ignore them btw ur awesome ^.^ and gorgeouse

  • 00lolochan00 2 years ago

    hmmm actually I am not sure, I would think it would be a bit difficult. I
    think that you can just keep your hair the same, or add color to it, and
    just have a good makeup that suits the “style” (:

  • Dana Green 2 years ago

    Omg I love this song! Evanescence and linkin park! And im black and hate
    rap (to comment below) lol ^.^