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Ever wondered what would be the reactions of the people around you if you where to walk in a public place like a college with a full face makeup of a RDA Avatar? Well, I’ll answer that in a… Video Rating: 5 / 5 PLEASE READ ME❤ Hi everyone!! I would like to show you […]

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  • Etienne Maheu 2 years ago

    @fofo45452 I’m working on a much more elaborate makeup for next-year’s
    comicon in phoenix. You’ll probably like it 😉 It’s going to be a perfect
    Na’vi makeup. The only drawback is that I’m going to be stuck in it for one
    or two weeks >_>

  • fofo45452 2 years ago

    Sweet…. Make a vid of it :D!

  • Etienne Maheu 2 years ago

    @mermaidlover131415 Thanks, and yeah I know, I just didn’t had time to do
    it. It took me 8 hours to paint the mask the way I wanted.

  • Daryus 2 years ago

    well done! its nice, and amazing! 😀

  • Eaite Randjam 2 years ago

    I love the reactions! Awestruck! Definitely worth waiting for more!

  • Etienne Maheu 2 years ago

    Hey guys! Next video coming up this week! Stay tuned

  • Mandy Gurl 2 years ago

    cool but his arms are not maked over lol!

  • vampirewitch87 . 2 years ago

    amazing. simply amazing. very adorable, I’d love to see a full body
    version. Thanks for the link as well.

  • byCharlyContraataca 2 years ago

    oh yeah very nice! I would like to see that in my city…cette le plus beau
    film de l´histoire!! Great job men!

  • Mallario5 2 years ago

    Nice la vidéo! En plus, tu m’as fait dire “OMG he’s blue!” Tu es un fan
    fini d’Avatar, mais tu fais des bonnes choses. Lâche pas! 🙂

  • JBCTBL 2 years ago

    What country are you in? The makeup was awesome btw..i love love love
    avatar :]

  • Etienne Maheu 2 years ago

    @lost2darkness Actually, it’s Quebec/Canada 😉 Thanks for the makeup and
    make sure you look at what I’ll be posting soon 😉

  • Kristoffer Stendal 2 years ago

    the other people there, what language do they speaking, sounds like
    japanese or something And I have thought about to do this too, I will paint
    my whole body blue If you will know who I am, I am part of the LearnNavi
    Forum name is Tsanten Eywa ‘eveng

  • Etienne Maheu 2 years ago

    @rachelcaban It took me 8 hours. That includes getting the colours right,
    putting on the prosthetics, painting, working on the details like the tanhì
    and making the queue.

  • Etienne Maheu 2 years ago

    @adrienlanglois75 None because I am not using the complete song. It’s only
    part of it and I reduced the quality (MP3 112 kbps) so it’s not worth
    copying 😉

  • lost2darkness 2 years ago

    @JBCTBL Judging by the language, I think its France. Awesome job btw 😀

  • rachelcaban 2 years ago

    did that really take 8 hours to put the prosthetic on and the makeup? i
    bought both from reelmagik too for halloween and im not sure how much time
    to give myself to get ready… ??? any suggestions?

  • keybladeking12 2 years ago

    nicee job

  • adrienlanglois75 2 years ago

    Didn’t you have any problems with the soundtrack copyright ? I once put a
    music in my video and i got complaints.

  • fofo45452 2 years ago

    Im gonna Do this But do a full body one and Just go to school in like
    Shorts or something :P!

  • Littlemissboo 2 years ago
  • chandra lee 2 years ago

    nice hair what’s name of it ?

  • bellamazing 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for replying back!!! :3

  • Zhanwen Lin 2 years ago

    Did you dye your hair red? 😀

  • 7nochannel 2 years ago

    Thx for thinking about people who goes to college ç__ç

  • Littlemissboo 2 years ago

    yes I did ^^

  • yeah yeah! can you do a tutorial of how you dye your hair? 🙂

  • Jerry Nguyen 2 years ago

    She’s 22, so college, I’m guessing.

  • Teresa Zhen Zheng 2 years ago

    you are getting popularity very fast ^v^ congrats missboo!

  • ByooThy M 2 years ago

    can you make a tour on your house or your room?

  • Sami Salami 2 years ago

    Awwww so cute xD

  • Chermimoetdh 2 years ago

    envy with your hair.. 🙁

  • dainedaine 2 years ago

    You look more beautiful when your forehead shows! (But still cute)

  • bellamazing 2 years ago

    What product did you use?

  • Tiffany Seo 2 years ago

    What language do you speak other than english?

  • heasliah 2 years ago

    hey can you do hair coloring tutorial~?!

  • NicolePopNicky2 2 years ago

    WOOOW!! i looovee youur haaiirr!! I wish mine was like yours for real. Mine
    is so difficult to get straight. Aaand it is taking literally forever to
    grow T_T Do you have any tips for that? By the way i’m definitely loving
    your hair color! I got a similar color recently but is a red for dark hair
    from Garnier brand :DD The entire looks so fabulous, specially on you
    (❛_~❀)✌ ~❤!!

  • Sarah Yang 2 years ago

    U look so much like MINAH from Girl’s day

  • 廖 威智 2 years ago


  • hotaru hikari 2 years ago

    you are beuatiful

  • Lily Lu 2 years ago

    Omg fei , u had changed ur hair color! ?

  • Kornelia Leśniak 2 years ago

    You are so cute! I’ll try this look for sure <3

  • Bryan Rose 2 years ago

    U are so beautiful

  • chanzkimura2510 2 years ago

    how old are you? school student or college?

  • Deeppy bangbo 2 years ago

    สุนันทา เดวา