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VEDA=Vlog/Video EveryDay in August VEDA Day 30!!! 1 day left!!! 6 Super Easy Back-to-School hairstyles for girls with short and long hair!!! (Episode 1) 8 Easy Hairstyles for Girls: http://youtu…. Related

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  • ARMANI KNIGHTEN 2 years ago

    helped a lot thanks

  • Micshake4ever 2 years ago

    Emilyn looks better with short hair than long

  • Neisy Quijije 2 years ago

    I like your hair styles there amazing your daughter s are cute

  • Briony Jones 2 years ago

    I like the top knot

  • Hannah Solideo 2 years ago

    They are just filipino’s like me ~_○

  • Banan Ali 2 years ago

    Thats was very good and nice

  • Brandy “Renee” Brinkley 2 years ago

    Loved it

  • Laura07 @hotmail Sasa Guru 2 years ago

    They are so cute and they have nice hair blees them 

  • Angelica Bell 2 years ago


  • DJ sparta Robinson 2 years ago

    Kool pic

  • Your right laura07

  • DJ sparta Robinson 2 years ago

    Kool pic

  • aeysha halaf 2 years ago

    Your kids have pretty hair and they are cute xoxox

  • emi_pink2003 2 years ago

    Hair bow collection

  • Diana Costa 2 years ago

    they are sooo cute and they have beautiful hair, bless them :)

  • Kyla Ellasus 2 years ago

    Are they Pilipino

  • jess scarbrow 2 years ago

    They do as we’ll xx

  • jess scarbrow 2 years ago

    R look really pretty xx

  • mommytipsbycole 2 years ago

    thank u girl!!! u were omg!!! share some looks with us!!!!

  • misaki covington 2 years ago

    cute hairstyles!

  • Amoy Kelly 2 years ago

    Your girls are sooooo cute

  • nimesh shalinda 2 years ago

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  • pearlexi 2 years ago

    Too cute!!

  • Janista238 2 years ago

    I was wondering if anyone could check out my channel.

  • modernmammaof4 2 years ago

    Ha! you know I needed this video girl! Im used to boys so I need all the
    help I can get with Mia’s hair!