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It is finally here! yall have requested hairstyles for so long and I finally did it! These are quick and easy for when youre on the run, and it works for any hair type 🙂 enjoy! COMMENT, LIKE… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related

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  • hannan aldabbous 2 years ago


  • CurlyPenny 2 years ago

    which do you like best?:)

  • indtje 2 years ago

    How do you douche with your hair? 

  • brianna 2 years ago

    hello, can you answer me or make a video explaining if braiding your hair
    before going to sleep (and sleeping all night with the braid) is good for
    your hair? your curls seem to get a good curly shape without having to do
    that. My little sister leaves her hair braided throughout the night til the
    next morning.. sometimes its good and sometimes its not! Lol 

  • hermionnie L. 2 years ago

    if i do braids my hair becomes so little lmaoo. hoping i grow my hair as
    long as yours. so it will look nicer. 

  • DirewolfBooks 2 years ago

    Something that has always annoyed me is when you try to search for curly
    hairstyles on the internet and all of the results that pop up are not even
    with naturally curly hair! Now I know where I can find some really good
    ones without yelling at my computer screen for 3 hours 😉
    Btw, I am in love with your channel! It’s nice to see that there are still
    people that love and cherish their curly hair instead of trying to beat and
    kill it into straightness :)

  • Claire Walsh 2 years ago

    Your hair is so beautiful ❤ half this hairstyles wouldn’t even work on my
    hair but ugh your hair is actual goals

  • vinka none 2 years ago

    I love the first one in the 4th one

  • ct aishaa 2 years ago

    ur hair is so amazing… we got same curls texture lol.. but still my hair
    is not very long.. i still grew it… and i like ur skin tone sexy tan, u
    look great without make up 🙂 and thnx for nice video 

  • Susan Friedman 2 years ago

    Thanks for your answer on coloring the hair. I did use Henna for about 3
    yrs. and unfortunately it dried my hair out. At first it was terrific and
    made my hair look great – very full and shiny. I am not certain what
    occurred. I did use a good natural henna product with no metal salts in it
    etc.. Curly hair tends to be dry anyway. It could also be the water where I
    live too (SW FL)…it’s terrible here with a lot of chemicals in it. We do
    filter the water however, it’s still difficult to get all of the chemicals
    out of it and it does strip the hair color out quickly. It has taken about
    3-1/2 yrs. to grow out all of the henna and my hairdresser thought I was
    crazy for using it in the first place!!! I guess that I am doomed to have
    white hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do know that there is neutral henna (no color)
    that can condition the hair. Maybe that is the way to go for me, while it
    grows out??? I am a bit older and have to color to look younger. Not
    certain if white curly hair will work for me??? YIKES!!!!!

  • Zainab Al-Habibi 2 years ago

    Nice ! I loved them, I love your shirt too!

  • Dyania Harding 2 years ago

    can you do a straightening video 

  • Maria Gomez 2 years ago

    I love you curly penny

  • Moira Smile 2 years ago

    I loved your video as always!

  • Shekinah Viado 2 years ago

    I saw your video a month ago and I decided to cut off the straight hair I
    have to let my natural curls grow. I’m loving my hair more now. Thank you!

  • Mala Francis 2 years ago

    Loose braid

  • vinka none 2 years ago

    could you do a video on all of your curly hair products you use

  • CurlyNiyahxo 2 years ago


  • Maya Styles 2 years ago

    Omgy i just found your channel and i’m obssesed with you and your perfect
    hair *—–* Ur amaziing girll ily<3!

  • dagamimon 2 years ago

    Your hair is so gorgeous! <3 And I really love the twisted half updo and
    also the loose braid, but I have to grow my hair out a lot more before I
    can do that one haha ^_^; 

  • Susan Friedman 2 years ago

    What about using color in your hair????? If heat styling ruins it certainly
    color does too???? What do do???? I am completely white!!!! Your
    thoughts on this please. Thanks.

  • Danyellee0 2 years ago

    Needed this!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool! Love these styles!! <3

  • Brenda Madrigal 2 years ago

    I love your hair and the one that I liked best was the forehead braid or
    the hippie braid

  • Sneha Rathi 2 years ago

    its very hot and humid where I live in India. Can you show us some quick
    updos/buns/braids to get hair up or to a side and away from the neck (so
    hot and sweaty. Yuck) I’m talking one hair tie or couple of bobby pins. I
    normally put my hair into a tight messy bun 1000000 times a day and it gets
    so frizzy. Help!