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  • BeautyLikeMaureen 2 years ago

    U did an amazing job.

  • stefanie servance 2 years ago

    Did amazing job makeup techniques is amazing and love second hair style 

  • KazeSuenos 2 years ago

    Beautiful & very age appropriate! I think her natural hair gave her more
    flare & made her look super unique w/it’s adorable color & body. Great
    job! No cake face just enhanced glamour!!!

  • BeautyFashionTube 2 years ago

    gorgeous everything was just perfect..but i will go with the black hair xo

  • Maria Randolph 2 years ago

    Awesome work, I like them both!!

  • Welcome2DivasWorld 2 years ago

    How’d I miss your channel?!?! Subbing now! This is great! I also did a prom
    video about 2 years ago… it was my daughter’s prom makeup….

  • Jasmine Wimberly 2 years ago

    Loved it. Hair #2

  • Makeup Rush 2 years ago

    Her own hair just not parted down the middle, do a side part!! Love the
    makeup, very pretty & age appropriate!!

  • So pretty!!
    Lucky girl has a gorgeous dimple!
    Is she wearing contacts? Where from? 🙂 

  • Nellah Grace 2 years ago

    I don’t usually like or watch makeup tutorials but this was just amazing!! 

  • Lady Mimi 2 years ago

    I love this video, you are so beauty 

  • MSMONNIEE42 2 years ago

    I like the blk hair… this was pretty 

  • mzladylocks 2 years ago


  • shacleve100 2 years ago

    Great job. Beautiful Model. I like the natural hair best.

  • A.G Chuncky 2 years ago

    I prefer the red hair it goes with the look the black hair is too much for
    the dress it over powers the dress too much its cuter with the red hair

  • PeachPretty28 2 years ago

    I really like both hairstyles, but to me the black compliments the look
    more. Plus, for prom you tend to do what you normally wouldn’t as far as
    physical presentation! It’s the night you let loose and shine like a
    diamond!!! I just think the black does that for her…

  • CupofjoeOnMiercoles 2 years ago

    what exactly is the banana powder stuff for?

  • kimberly alleyne 2 years ago

    Her red hair looks best. It goes perfectly with her dress ,skin tone &
    eyes! I think the black hair is too limp, dark & shiny. It doesn’t look
    natural or young enough on her. 

  • Dana Jones 2 years ago

    What colors do you have in your pink z palette??? Love 

  • Myisha Ray 2 years ago

    Very Beautiful, Luv!!! Your skills are AMAZING!!!!!

  • Kiaaj ferrera 2 years ago

    Yessss love it she looks gorgeous

  • trinnnnnn 2 years ago

    Option 1 def

  • cutiecuppie 2 years ago

    Hair option 1

  • Michana Fitz 2 years ago

    I think that the black hair was better since it complimented the Look.. The
    red hair drew to much attention off the eyes..! BEAUTIFUL look tho :)

  • MsCreativeDiva 2 years ago